Pablo's Chair of Problem

Remember this dragon? The beatnik dragon. His got a fat film contract and is going to be a big star (that's what he thinks anyway, he no longer talks to me). You can check out the evolution of the film over at Mikael Emtinger blog he is the director. Hope Fame will not spoil him, dragons turn Diva pretty easily, it's best to keep them on a short string


  1. My god Mattias, you never sleep! I just woke up and see a new post from you already.
    Can't wait to see this animation.
    I might be in Goteborg for New Year's eve...Glogg?

  2. I know you have heard it so many times before..... but once again won't do much harm........ You are a GENIUS!

  3. Stef, that would be nice if we are at home. And I do sleep.
    Thanks Kookiejar no it doesn't harm ;)

  4. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I'll try not to spoil him :D

  5. Would that be what one would call "Writer's Block?"
    Cool pic -- love it.