Baroque Air

Sorry to repet myself a little, this do carry a likeness to Templar Air, but I felt for some more air planes. Service of food Pilot On board entertainment system


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Good Morning Mattias,
    this was my first loud laugher today. Thanks!
    By the way: I wonder at which point of that really crazy plane did you start the drawing??

  2. Thanks Ivo, for this one I thought I would make some more houses, so I started at the top-left, that what ended up being the tail of the plane.
    Will try to film one sketch one day when I've got some nice daylight to film in

  3. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I think the Bach chap is actually the pilot at the controls

  4. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Good Morning Amazing Swedish Guy,

    This is so fun and funny! I like the Economy Class drawing the best, but they are all very clever and so well done. Do you giggle while you are drawing?


  5. Elis, thats right
    Potato print: First rule of comedy, never laugh at you own jokes ;O)

  6. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I love you ! :-0

  7. I love you to Anonymous ;OP

  8. Anonymous5:12 PM

    That's wackily fantastic. Detail to such a degree usually doesn't impress me, but because it's used here to support such fun, original makes my head spin.

    terry at
    (my computer at home is messed up after an "improvement" so i'm at the library checking my email. now i can't even log on to my blogger account! i hate being computer illiterate! ha!)

  9. Thanks Terry your mosquito looks very cool! at your blog

  10. Going on a few days vacation, almost miss out your funny and cool drawings!! U rocks!! I believe I am additic to your blog!

  11. Great work and characters!!!

  12. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Hope you'll keep designing planes, this is excellent! The food looks fantastic in economy, I wonder what's on the menu in first? (The seats must be very wide...)

  13. Felicity: Yes Baroque people tend to have rather large bottoms.
    Thanks Alina, next time keep your vacation short ;)
    Thanks Claudio

  14. "oh my gosh... oh my gosh,," that is what I kept saying, while I scrolled down to the end...
    I want to color on your drawing...
    well since I am painting on comics now....

  15. Thanks Marilla, I do put color on them sometimes when I feel I have the time

  16. Painfully, I couldn't visit your blog for a while. Gladly, I returned today and again I find myself surrounded by all these new funny beautiful drawings. I like what you do so much, it never ceases to make me fell so fine.
    Thank you for sharing these drawings.

    Yo look at the pilot and...
    How on Earth do you do to make them without a previous sketch!?
    It is so great!

  17. "Yo look at the pilot and... "

    HAHAHAHA. "Yo" is "I" in Spanish. Sorry.

  18. wow! I'd fly with that airline for sure!