Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen

I got to try a new fountain pen (thanks to JetPens), the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen.  I was very impressed by this pen the nib is very thin, the ink flows wonderfully and the the price is very affordable.
The feel is not far from my Namiki Falcon (the nib is extra fine) and the ink that comes in the cartridges is permanent.

Board game

A good board game is a great way to get you away from your sketchbook

Tall ships

I made a spread two summers ago with boats of a smaller scale. No much changes on Stora Kornö except everything gets larger.


Smögen (58°21′40″N 11°13′55″Eon the west coast of Sweden is an old fishing port, summertimes it's invaded by sailors, rebel rousers, celebrities and partygoers. We only visited it very briefly in search for some spare parts for our outboard motor, this is how I remember it. 

When the robot rule the world

Better be prepared

Sketchbook prints

I've made these three sketchbooks spreads available as giclée prints they can be ordered at: Artelimited

the Royal playground

We had a Bruegel jigsaw with a motive like this when I was a kid.

the Bungalow

Just back from our summer visit to Stora Kornö outside of Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden, this is a glimpse how we have lived the last month