Kalle RIP

The 4 of December our cat Kalle was involved in a car accident, losing what was left of his tail. He had lost half his tail in a door related accident a year ago. Unfortunately all his ability's was not reformed after his latest accident and he entered the big sleep today. What remains is a lot of fond memories and anecdotes, he was a cat full of "derring do". We live close to quite heavily trafficked roads and has a tram line in front of our house, so we guess he had already spent his other eight lives.

Dragons again

Thinking about writing a book about dragons, don't think this batch will be in it though, just warming up. Next year I got to have more focus on my drawings I guess. And one more of the vet moleskines, no good news I'm afraid. We'll give it a couple of more days.

Improved space suit

Yet another waiting for the vet sketch, no improvement for the Cat I'm sorry to say..

The moleskine Commando

Made this while waiting for the vet, hope you all have had a nice Christmas or what you might be celebrating.

The Fire Brigade

Don't know but think I'm finished with this piece, not all that much new, a bear and a moose and a couple of Elephants, will you please try and re-new your motives? Probably not it's not easy learning an old dog how to sit. With this I take a break from blogging over Christmas, merry merry and happy happy to you all..

Coco in love part 4

Coco goes to answer the door bell, who can it be? It's Coca and she's holding a boot, at the same time he notice that he has lost his own boot. Coca explains.. In order to find Coco she visits the Swedish institute of foot wear Retrieval, SIFR. And get a boot retriever as her helper, the SIFR are always keen on helping young primates in love.. Finding Coco was as easy as falling in love.. Happy ever after? This concludes this chapter of the Coco saga, stay tuned for more.

Me myself and I

Our Cat had an awful accident two weeks ago, losing what was left of his tail, if he will make it or not is still pending, he can't yet do his litter. Did this rather non positive page in my moleskine while waiting for my turn at the vets. I'll return to the story of our Cat, hopefully with a happy ending.. Made some progress on my not named new Illustration, more dinosaurs but also a frog! Been tagged by Fernanda Guedes in the Christmas song game I have to list 5 of my favorite Christmas songs and then tag 5 others to do the same, the song list have to wait until tomorrow as for the tagging. The Tagging is done! 4 of my work/prior work connections and one blogger, all from Gothenburg, let's keep it Swedish 1. Bob Nimbe 2. Gokkan 3. Empa 4. Martin 5 Jacob Steel And my songs...have to think 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Day as night

On the whish list for christmas And some progress on my progress piece, must find a name for it soon.. And as for the burning question will the Coco story be resumed before christmas? Stay tuned

Coco in Love. part 4

Coco come running in He locks himself in his room, trying to kill his sorrows with music But he has only thoughts for sweet Coca, and he cant forgive himself for being such a fool But then the door bell rings... To be continued

Coco in love, part 3

Do you remember where we left Coca and his date? Today the story continues.. Love at First sight Cocos date is full of resources as every modern woman should be Never leave home without your tranqulator. And she's an excellent marksman.. And if she sees something nice she takes it Coco and Coca is left alone But Coco panics... To be continued....

Fire brigade, #1

One of those awful in progress things again, this blog is starting to be awfully Deja vue .

A rural story

This is part of a short comic I made, more on it when it's published (in Swedish). And there's Monkeys in it! The changing faces of Mattias Avatars for msn, I used to use them at work. Painted in photoshop with my mouse. From the beginning their cloth correlated with my own.

Lessons learned

Never let seabirds form a jury Keep your dragons separated, they are keen on mating

More Piggles

Remember the Piggles? First told of here and continued here? My wife has made an interpretation in three dimensions check it out.

Coco enters the jungle

Coco enters the jungle of online dating in this exciting chapter of the Coco Saga, his work is still hampered by thoughts of sweet Coca His work still disturbes me, it's totaly un-postable In order to break his slump i let him use my computer to enter the jungle of on line dating, his thoughts are long away, but alas he finds a date Dressed in his Sunday best he awaits his date with a sinking feeling The date arrives, she fails to remove Coca from Cocas mind this goes for rest of the evening as well. O Coca where are you.. When they leave the restaurant, Coco's heart makes a leap, it's Coca ... To be continued....