200 posts and encounting

Yes reached two hundred posts today, was pick of the week at Illustration Friday, life's a rush. For the faint of faith a proof that I'm a bonafida Pigfarmer, from the newspaper "arbetet" circa 1997, Svinfarmare is pig farmer in Swedish A newly inked page from the sketchbook Coco is still depressed, his art really starts to depress me big time. Happy surfing and have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Poor Coco, if only there was something we could do! Love the wheels on those cars! That lady must be on the way to one of your parties with the grandfather clock?

    I guess you don't keep pigs anymore? I'm sure I could never eat a bacon sandwich if I kept pigs, they are too sweet, too intelligent.

  2. Yes she's bringing her own clock wish more could be so understanding, they don't come cheap you know.
    We keep some piggles but not for food, we are more and more thinking of turning vegetarian, that is if you count swans as a vegetable ;)

  3. congrats on your 200 posts :)
    I was starting to get attach to that little coco.. we have to do something to make him happy :)

  4. Merci Kasta, I'm sure he will be happy in the end ;)

  5. Anonymous2:47 AM

    You work is always a treat.

  6. Want a sec ... you cheated ... you only has one panel for Coco today ... that's not enough ... we want to know what will happen to pooor Coco!! :) HE ! HE!! HE!! More more Coco pages!!

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    200 posts?! boy, am i proud! But its not a big surprise, consedering you post EVERY SINGLE DAY (except on weekends..)

    say hi to Coco

  8. Wow, congratulations old chap!
    We'll need some champagne round here - maybe some hor's douvres. Pork cocktail sausages, perhaps?

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Wow, these are incredible. Do you use pencil and then go back with ink, or do you just throw down the ink first?

  10. Thanks all, ink directly that's the secret of my speed.

    More Coco today