Same but different

Thought it was high time for a change of my blog header, back to houses again. here is the new header plus two old ones.

the workplace

This type of drawing is great while idly watching the tube, you know it will take some time to finish so you do not have to come up with something new for a little while.

Super animals

Mega Puss, curliest tail in town

Zupra Dog, a safe bet
Doctor Saw, notoriously ill tempered

Fox on a rocket, speediest mammal around

A night at the Opera

There has been quite a lot of talk about building a new opera building in Stockholm: Designing a Opera building is of course far to serious a matter to leave to an architect, better leave it to an Illustrator.


I just got a set of keys (I did the design of the three animals, my wife designed the logo) from Kleynimals, they turned out great. For more information and how to order, go to: Kleynimals.

Doing repairs on the brink of the digital revolution

This image has some clues to my past, my father worked for "the Telephone company" (it used to be a monopoly) he sometime had to put on a special kinds of boots in order to climb telephone poles.

HMS Hornblower in color

I've lacked the real inspiration after the christmas break, so I put some color to a spread in my sketchbook.