Raven's end

This has nothing to do with them film, (one of my favorites) but just an excuse to fill some blank parts of the paper.

A Chair issue

Today I show you our collection of chairs Chair for an ambivalent puritan A chair for three Couch potatoe The Spider stool For the insecure sitter, 100% added safety Monumental chair Bird chair The Double sided chair Tank chair Automatic chair Not only a fashion statement but great comfort as well. And the original sketchbook spread


One more in the line of over used animals And the complete spread

Man as bird

Fear of flying Migration Nesting Early man catches the worm Dancing Leaving the nest Bathing The whole spread


Another one on this theme, hope you all have nice weekends.

Get back

What happens when two momentous things happen on the same day?

Remote control

Our hugely popular remote control, our popular semi-remote-control and our a little less than popular semi-control (with our I can't believe it's not controlling anything technology) Sorry mother I know you don't like skeletons....

Friendly fire

Well it could be used as a subject for this weeks Illustration Friday, Grow

Trading places

Been doing some commission work today, this is not the actual piece but something I did while waiting for it to dry.

Dr Frankenbach

Must soon break away from my moleskines, lately I tend to do all my drawing there

Crowned heads

There's been a lot of hats on my blog lately, but very in the little in the way of crowns. I know that there's many kings and queens out there that feel left out, to make amens I've designed two new crowns for all you fashion minded royalties.

Portable Halo

Introducing the new Portable Halo, a device that will revolutionize lies. By using the remote control and folding the halo out you can give your little white lie an extra punch. For an extra effect use the Puttis and the horns of Jericho to make you extra saintly. Excellent for tricky domestic situation (sorry about the stereotype) As used by politicians For your everyday white lie Now with power ballad extension Heavenly breeze extension Light at the end of the tunnel extension And the original moleskine spread, with smears made while off home base.


Spent the afternoon guarding the small exhibition we're having in Sigtuna, not so many people came by, (it's Thursday I guess). So I finished some pages in sketchbook number eight.


According to new theories the Dinosaurs might have died out because they failed to grasp the advantages of monumental architecture.

the Croupier

I just can't stop making hats, I wonder if there's a cure

Mammal life

The shrieking elk Washington bear, a female the mighty reindeer large snouter the red Albatross Sneaky Poodle a hippdrome And the original moleskine spread, had a hard time naming them this time