30 January 1969

Made for the Beatles tribute show at gallery Nucleus. The Beatles have always played a great part of my life. I'm not sure how many times me and my sister saw the film Help as children, a good part of the references come from that film (even though I think the tiger in the film had a different color sceme)

Adding dirty water

on the train

On more drawing made on the train, this time on our way back from Gothenburg.

Sketchbook number twenty one.

The old digitizer

Made while riding the train down to Gothenburg. It's not easy drawing on the train the one thing that works is wires, If you want an explanation on why all the cables.

Offline, shipping days

Shipping days for Offline, an accordion style advice companion, sorry for the delay. Thanks all who have shopped, order at: my big Cartel shop

the other page

I had to fill the gap after the small post on eels last week.

Self portrait with large foot

I was supposed to run Göteborgsvarvet this weekend, unfortunately I sprained my ankle a couple of days ago making my left foot twice the size of my right.

American eel, swedish style

On occasions my ink runs out. I used to have to order from abroad but now a days I'm self sufficient as I've found an excellent source of high class inks..
In order to get to the ink I have to dress for the occasion, this means I have to put on my explorer gear with my king size machete, some tobacco and my accordion.
I have to reach into the darkest of the forest this demands some heavy use of the machete.
In the heart of the forst there is a small black pond, and in here a small school of american eel lives. The Eels are hard to bring forward, luckily for me they are suckers for a good polka.
As is common knowledge american eel are notorious tobacco slaves and willing to pay almost anything for some cigarettes.
I extract just enough ink from each eel not to hurt them...
and then pay them with some medium quality cigarettes.
And return home to the old drawing board.