Modofly new books

Now it's possible to buy new sketcbooks books via Modofly (now in color!) with motives by me and other great artists.

New book

This is some of drawings I'm working on at the moment (for a new book in the same series as in the last post) I've done quite a lot of them, the theme is cupboard etc. In Sweden we only have one name for them all... sk├ąp.

Best 200 Illustrators

My Illustration for "till mitt barnbarn" a book that came out last year (I'm working on the second part as of now) is to be part of Best 200 Illustrators worldwide (Luerzer's Archive 09/10) . I'm not sure how this values but I got a telephone call from them (that usually grants for quality).

Zombie dragon, and friends

Just some dragons in between drawing cupboard, closets and cabinets they are all part of a commission work I'm doing at the moment, not the dragons the cup.

Walking the dog

The winter strikes back, well below zero (centigrades) today. No spring fashion on the streets yet.


It's always hard finding a new name for an image you're already posted, the first name is better but my imagination is a bit slow today.

a Danish cold

I've been in Copenhagen the last two days, We had the last meeting in the short course in comic creation I've been attending, managed two catch a cold on the way. I've at last started coloring the Cupboard piece.

the Blog Empire, part ten

Chippendale schoolEquipped with state of the art Combat Thongs, I put my Chippendale army through school. I do not plan to let the Chippendales learn to draw (I doubt that their skills are sufficient for this) but only to use my signature. This I learn is harder then planned, but after one month in class some of my more skilled Chippendales are ready, ready to conquer blogs around the world. And so at last the first of my chippendale Army are ready to leave..

the Blog Empire, part nine

the Combat thongIn order to travel my army needs some way of high tech gadget. I have an idea for a thong but I'm a more of an idea man, I gave the Lion some short descriptions, what I'm after is ability to fly and float. The Lion soon has a prototype, but she has problem with bulk. The Chippendales will not let their thongs be to bulky. The first buoyancy tests are disastrous, luckily no Chipps come to harm. Soon though, the Chippendales where floating on the water, the prior problem soon forgotten. The first flying test where also a big disappointment they keep exploding, in order to keep the thong small the lion had to make the thong ultra thin. The lion would have to invent a new type of material. And soon the lion can show me the finished product a true Combat thong! Once again the Lion lab had made miracles!

the Blog Empire, part eight

The art of marketingI'm getting help from my mother with my blog empire dreams. According to my mother driving an Empire franchise can not be built only on brute force, when doing for a long haul you have to drive a successful marketing campaign. You have to make them want to join the Empire, instead of forcing it upon them. I start with a traditional ad campaign, focusing on high profile sites, here's Time square New York I get celebrities to endorse my blog empire on talk shows around the globe. Via viral marketing (focusing on high profile pundits) I heighten the brand awareness of my blog empire. In a last step I mingle with the trendiest of the trendiest in Stockholm (the most trend aware city in the world). But I do not mention how to join my empire, I still mean to use my army for this.

Sir Isaacs dream

I'm coming to the end of this sketchbook, soon I'll start the 12th sketchbook all the empire stuff has filled this up

the Blog Empire, part seven

Boot campHaving successfully managed to get the Chippendales respect I now started training them, I found that they loved marching (they have a tendency to Pace though). I have the Diploma and I have an Army, but I was filled with second thoughts. I'm not a violent man and the thought of acquiring an Empire through the use of brute force repelled me to some extent. Was I to weak for empire building after all? I decided to turn to one of the experts of the field.. my mother. My mother has started up (and hold on to) a long line of empires during her life time, she's retired now and works her empire via Proxy.
My mother came over and checked out my Army, she found them to be in excellent shape..


Today I take a break from all Empire building (sometime I wonder what newcomers to the blog thinks). This is part of a book project I'm working on at the moment.

the Blog Empire, part six

the bow tie Army The lion has told me about her problems with the growing Chippendale herd. Suddenly it dawns on me, I can solve the lions problem! This is the army I'm been searching for! But first I have to have an uniform, Dressed to kill I now had everything I needed to start an Army. But when I was among the Chippendales I found that they ignored me, they where not impressed at all. Consulting with the Lion she informed me that Chippendales are picky when choosing their leaders, and that they never listen to anyone without a thong. In order to lead a Chippendale army I had to become one.. This for me was a big step, not only in a fashion sense. In order to muster strength I took a stroll through our picture gallery. As it happened I found me in front of an image of Charles IV. Charles IV he became a Catholic in order to ascend the throne of France. If he could sacrifice his beliefs I can sacrifice my clothes. An Empire is well worth a Thong.. TO BE CONTINUED

the Blog Empire, part five

Chippendales over dose the Lion has always been fascinated by the Chippendales and their way of living. Chippendales natural habitat is the Norwegian Fiord's, there they live in herds of approximate 15 individuals. As it is almost impossible to survive in the harsh conditions of the Fiord's, the lion decided to bring home a herd of Chippendales, to be able to study them more upclose. The Chippendales had no problems with their new habitat, they seemed to coop excellently both with the travel and the Sigtuna Steppe. The lion soon made gigantic leaps forward in our knowledge about Chippendales, one thing she was surprised by was the total lack of aggressive behavior. The Lion found that the Chippendale DNA differed from humans, the helix has a "bow-tie" look.The Lion found that the herd was growing, how could that be, until this moment she had only found male specimens. Could some of them be female? Soon it dawned on the lion. Chippendales have a special liking to holes in the ground, when they found one they get excited and soon.... they jump in, they can spend up to 20 hours in them. To the lions (and the scientific communities) utmost surprise the Chippendales propagates through asexual cloning. The copy is not a perfect clone the strange DNA might make the Chippendale prone to mutations. The utter lack of natural enemies (i.e the Gigantic Norwegian squirrel and the Fiord Amazon) and the abundance of holes in the Sigtuna Steppe has resulted in an explosion in the Chippendale population. TO BE CONTINUED