The noble art of self defense

Made a Widget version of my blog feel free to use it, thanks for the tip from Bengt who also interviewed me on his blog, strictly in Swedish.

Transportation for that which we call winter

The Swedish king Karl XI (Charles XI) tried to use elks (moose) as a substitute for the expensive horses. He never managed to train them though even if he had them brought up from they where pups (foals?), I thought I'd give them another chance though, they are pretty common in our country.

Female grace

Made while "watching" a rather dull film yesterday, as time goes on I tend not to see the ends of film anymore. Is there any point of seeing half of every film?

The enlightenment

Hope you all had enlightening weekends and ready to fight darkness in all it's form this week

Office supplies

In my quest for better everyday products I today turns my eyes to ordinary office equipments. The ordinary typewriter is for example in my eyes to complicated, away with all the fluff I say! Here's some more improvements, soon on a office desk not to far from you

Hung By The Sticky Bits

Got the possibility to exhibit my work on the other side of the globe with a bunch of other talented artist around the world through the multi talented Beck Wheeler. I've copy and pasted from her blog, (I've go no shame) Hung By The Sticky Bits is a group exhibition curated by Beck Wheeler that showcases the non-client based work of six Professional Creatives that work in the areas of Graphic Design, Gaming, Animation, and Illustration. See the recent labours of love by Sauerkids (the Netherlands), Hobo Divine (Canada), Falsk (Sweden), Beck Wheeler (Australia), Stephane Tartelin (France) and Mattias Adolfsson (Sweden). Until Never Gallery, Melbourne: Opening: Wednesday 5th September Closing: September 27th September China Heights Gallery, Sydney: Opening: Friday 28th September Closing: Sunday 30th September I'd better start producing stuff then..

To the Heart of the Sun

This one is made on Terra Firma, but still influenced by French Gothic, it's like a flue. Coco is in print, in Swedish only and in a very limited edition It can be ordered through Seriefrämjandet soon, I've just got a test print.

The subtle charm of the French baroque

Made while going by bus from Paris, still filled with all the crazy baroque building, bridges and churches (the churches tend to be Gothic though). We don't have that elaborate buildings in Sweden from this era, our baroque went through first a dutch filter and then through a poverty filter. Mark that the French tend not to use so much pig themes as I do.

Refuse to be a prisoner of reality

Introducing the brand new vanishing point 700, the only self propelled reality enhancer on the market today. Tired of reality? This reality could be yours! to be able to stroll through the most scenic place on earth Choose amongst our wide selection of altered realities Order today and we'll send, as an extra bonus, audiotapes to go with your choice of reality!

Dinos on the waterfront

Or at, the subtleties of the English language sometimes pass me by. Made on the bus somewhere in Germany, it gives the line an extra shake

Your personal blackbox

Records every occurrence during the last half hour Compact yet timeless design Be the envy of every court room

One year of blogging

Returned from Paris, we're all quite tired from the trip 26 hours by bus. I had planned to make a travel sketchbook while being there but this was quite to over optimistic, I found little time for such frivolities. We had a great time anyway and some sketches made on the trip are to come over the next couple of days. First in line my proposal to make penguins airborne at last. Made this one on the ferry ride to Germany. Missed this blog's birthday yesterday, I hope it's not crossed with me.

Off to Paris

This will be my last post for about a week, of to a bus trip To Paris and Disneyland. Hope you all have a nice week. Decided to photo of my material, (I get quite a lot of mail asking for it and I've posted about it before), this is what I use to do my drawings. A montblanch meisterstück and a namiki falcon. I Load the Montblanc with montblanc ink, and the Namiki with American Eel from noodlers

Ship of the desert

Soon time to leave for our short holiday to Paris, I'm supposed to run half-a-marathon Saturday (göteborgsvarvet) but I got a cold, we'll see what happens.

Creatures of the night

Well there seem to develop a theme this week, of comet or comet like creatures. Made this in my smallest sketchbook while attending a short course. I always feel a little bit Autistic when I draw and listen to lectures...

The Black sheep

We're going on a short vacation in one week, a bus trip to Paris and Disneyland so there will be a break from blogging beginning next Sunday. Hope to be able to fill the pages until then though, hope you all had nice weekends.

Gothenburg Antiqua et hodierna

As e are leaving Gothenburg I want to make an inprint of the city, therefore I follow in the Swedish 17 century artist Erik Dahlberg (his great work is called Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, the old and new Sweden)footsteps in trying to show our city to the world. Artists like to travel with comfort and I'm no exception to this rule, my trusty pygmy elephant have never failed me yet. Two pupils from the page turning academy in Würtburg, helps me with all the practical details, I've progressed from the king size moleskine to the more stately Imperial model. I always travel with a mobile fence to keep the groupies at bay, they're quite keen on baroque artists you know.. To get the perspective right Some famous Gothenburg places The Fish church (Feskekôrkan) Fishing boat (feskejõlle) the Lipstick, (läppstiftet) Gothenburgs only skyscraper The original moleskine spread Hope you all have nice weekends!

Pale rider

Now it's decided we're moving from Gothenburg (my hometown since 1989, my wife since 1991) and moving to Sigtuna outside of Stockholm. The actual moving will happen in August, so fellow Gothenburgers you still have time to catch me. Managed to break away from the moleskine for a change today, and use some old akvarell paper I bought in Florence once sometime during the last century.

The Chicago spirit

Hope I soon have time to do other stuff then quick sketches

Things that makes your life easier to live

The Food precessor The microwave oven The coffee maker The Baking machine We're selling our house and moving, been cleaning all day, my head spins I'll probably be dreaming nighmares of dust tonight.