Pale rider

Now it's decided we're moving from Gothenburg (my hometown since 1989, my wife since 1991) and moving to Sigtuna outside of Stockholm. The actual moving will happen in August, so fellow Gothenburgers you still have time to catch me. Managed to break away from the moleskine for a change today, and use some old akvarell paper I bought in Florence once sometime during the last century.


  1. Is that watercolor paper? HE ! HE!! Fun flying machine!

  2. Delightful, amusing, full of phantasy, really nice!

  3. It's good that he has that side mirror so he can keep an eye on traffic next to him. I hope he uses his turn signals when changing when changing lanes and passing. It occurs to me that in flying vehicles there should be up and down turn signals too.

    I don't usually see phallic symbols but those rockets with the pink heads . . .

    Thanks for the Swedish word, hummertena. I will add it to my vocabulary.

    Good luck with the move. My dad was in the Air Force and we moved all the time when I was young but I've been here in Connecticut for more than 20 years now. It would be hard to move.

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Måns undrar hur den kom upp i luften????

  5. Alina: yes watercolors
    thanks Claudia
    With the word hummertena you can't go wrong Tom
    Måns och Carro: Man får ha en stor studsamatta

  6. Woow!!!Your work RULES!!!!

  7. Awesome water colors!!! Cool flying machine.


  8. Anonymous7:08 PM

    What a cool machine. Love the change of background too!