Transportation for that which we call winter

The Swedish king Karl XI (Charles XI) tried to use elks (moose) as a substitute for the expensive horses. He never managed to train them though even if he had them brought up from they where pups (foals?), I thought I'd give them another chance though, they are pretty common in our country.


  1. Increìble, maravilloso!!!

    your work is wanderfull!!!

  2. Anonymous7:51 AM

    hi, I discover your work few time ago and i like it so much!

  3. Karl must be a common name for a king! Is this a royal version of a trailer (or in UK a caravan)? Are there royal trailer parks?

  4. Thanks all
    No the royals have to do with ordinary trailers as of now, but I expect their will be progress in this field pretty soon ;)

  5. Dear Mathias,
    thank you for answering me on my blog. Your infos were very very useful! I didn't know that I could do so many things on my blog! It's a new world. This summer i'm coming for holyday in Sweden! Can you suggest me some nice places or museum to see? I've never been there!
    See you

  6. There is a lack of pig baroque on this house...

  7. Their is a pig peeping put of one window! it's not baroque though more of a renaissance swine.
    Francesca that depends on what parts of Sweden you're planning to visit, the Archipelago, both in Stockholm and in Gothenburg/bohuslän is well worth a visit. In Stockholm there's a great collection of Museums, Wasa an 17th century ship, Skansen an open air museum with animals and old houses. There is a museum for contemporary art called Moderna museet. I'm not up to everything in Stockholm though but hope to be soon again. In Gothenburg the Universeum is well worth a visit.

  8. Uau!!
    with this paper ,It's more but very more interessant...

  9. i believe moose and elk have calves. interesting what we call moose in the u.s., you call elk in europe. But what do you call elk? elk?

    just a little intercultural trivia for you.

    love the pigs!

  10. In Swedish moose/elk is called Älg, I have always used moose though, (I think the muppet show has something to do with this). Elk in Sedish is called hjort, or the larger one kronhjort.