The Black sheep

We're going on a short vacation in one week, a bus trip to Paris and Disneyland so there will be a break from blogging beginning next Sunday. Hope to be able to fill the pages until then though, hope you all had nice weekends.


  1. I like the skulls on his lapels and the incongruous/anachronistic sergeant stripes. He seems to be a tech sergeant with delusions of admiral-hood. That's the kind of comments you get from a military brat. The peace symbols held by the teddy bears is a nice touch. Now that the adults have cleared their plates will the war begin?

    I don't know how you find time to add art to your blog when you're preparing to move. The littlest thing upsets my cart. Do you like my new face? If not I'll change it.

    -- The Artist of Many Faces

  2. Nice new face, I always get confused when people change their Icon though.
    War is sure to come...

  3. HA!! HA !! Brilliant, we could use more those little black sleeps, the world will be a better place!