It's the eating season

I'm taking some days off blogging, I expect to be back early next year, happy holidays all.

Tally Ho!

Due to the shortage of reindeer, Sanra Claus has been forced to seek new policies when choosing best of draught.

Another option

I'm making an Illustration for American rock band Another Option, another drawing that taxes my hands, see if you can count all the animals.

the subtle joy of having a crocodile as a pet

First contact Bonding Used as a bird magnet When going abroad Walking the crock

The Amazing Expand-O-Pen

the Expando pen is a breakthrough in pen technology, especially developed for the upcoming climate meeting in Copenhagen. Designed to grow (or shrink) depending on what kind of agreement it signs it brings competition back in signing protocols, and give your fellow signers a bad case of pen if they fail to meet the challenge.. not to mention the goodwill it will bring you when returning from Copenhagen...


This image is done for Kakbank. They hook up once a month and eat cookies and invest in microcredits in developing countries.

I'll despute your theory for a century if I have to

Sometime new ideas take it's time until they get fully accepted, here's some examples. 1543-1758 1859-still being disputed 1912-1970 1600-1859 ? the question is, do we have the time to argue about global warming?

Reasons for why religions die out

1. Failing to modernizemount Olympus failing to computerize. And this weekend is the last chance to see our ongoing show! We'll be there waiting for you.

Listening to music

I've been listening to a lecture series from Yale University on how to listen to music (western music) . It's great to find that you can learn something you already thought you knew, there's more to listening to music than the ear hears .

You're to gullible

This is part of brief on a Gulliver's travel book I did earlier this fall for an English publisher, unfortunately the book was canceled. Better luck next time.. and I got paid for the work...