The best restaurant in town

Three step program

Boutique opening party 4 July Paris

The Atelier Choux Paris team invites you to their boutique opening party, with the exceptional presence of their artist Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasink) who will be drawing live and signing our gift boxes.
Join us for a colourful array of cocktails and sweets at our new boutique, 3 rue Hautefeuille, 75006 Paris, from 6pm.
See you there!

Broken tedium

When you draw and draw and draw and you feel like there is no end to the tedium and then you look up and you discover you are finished.

Eastward bound

From 2015 when I visited Taiwan, next year I will probably go to Japan in April (if everything plans out)


Lead pen: Pilot Falcon EF
Rhythm pen: Platinum Carbon Pen F