Shaolin Robots 1

I'm going on holiday today, will be gone for three weeks, the trusty auto blogger signs on posting random doodles during my vacation. The true poster will return by mid July.

What Stockholm is wearing this summer

I'm off on vacation starting tomorrow, the trusted autoblogger signs on.. Have a nice summer all

New progress in optics

For the color blindFor a windy day Backup system For those about to Baroque For the one curious how their neck looks Orange glasses For looking at skyscrapers Duo glasses, for young lovers Rocket glasses For people scared of large things I'm featured in Lines and colors, a blog I've been following for the last couple of years. I feel very honored to be featured here

On top of the world

We're celebrating midsummers eve here in Sweden today, and as stipulated in the old annals of midsummer celebrations I'm going to spend the day firmly seated on a big pig.

Running in Gothenburg

Preparations for the race Runners highThe train to Gothenburg the difference between Gothenburgers an Sigtuna inhabitants Our old neighborhood the Race A month ago the whole family went to Gothenburg (our old home city) to run the "göteborgsvarvet" (the worlds largest half-marathon), this is our thanks to all the friends who we stayed with before and after the race.

Workshop in drawing

I'm giving a 3-day drawing workshop this summer (29–31 July) more information can be seen here: Sigtuna Kulturg√•rd If you are interested and living abroad or find Swedish a hard language to interpret mail me for more information. My wife is giving a workshop in bookbinding (23-25 July) at the same location.

The last page

This is the back of the book "Till mitt barnbarn" I've been working on, it's all the objects from the first page neatly packed.

On a roll

Some additional drawing to the book We're doing (Bonnier & Carlsen) with my sister as a designer.

Moleskine sketchbook 10

This is my 10th sketchbook, in this is my stay in Kavala Greece last year. You will recognize when I get there as the drawing turn strangely life like.

Moleskine sketchbook 11

I said that I was taking a break from blogging, just wanted to test this as a way of showing my sketchbooks