This is part of a commission work I'm doing at the moment (highly enjoyable). It's so nice to draw trees and get paid doing it! More to come tomorrow, even though I will leave Sweden for a very short stint abroad. Why not listen to Giles Peterson at the BBC, he and GI culture helped me with the inspiration while drawing the trees.

Intelligent fashions for an intelligent time

Wearing a cap summertime Showing all the splendor that is your underpants Excessive scarfing the Pre-tilted basketball cap (actually, this scares me a little) the Handsfree And as a bonus, some role models the Architect the Brat (in Sweden this kind of hairdo is called "framgångsfrilla") the Poet and the game designer the whole spread

It's all about packaging

Multi sex toothbrushing, very sophisticated The connoisseurs ale


Tired of scraggly uneven lines, skewed perspectives and tilted panoramas? With this pen you can kiss all your sketch problems goodbye, the pen does all your drawing for you!

Drawbacks of being a hotshot sketchbook artist

Constantly being harassed by Paparazzi sketchers Being asked to perform miracles Asked the same question at every talkshow The motives being blocked by lens louses Being invited to all kind of press ventures, then being asked to sketch while intoxicated Having little time over for on line socializing..


The Proud pig Big game hunting the Duel From rag to riches Pacmans revenge King Kongs last stand Sketchcrawl at the Jurassic Park Motorized Rhino