All dressed up and nowar to go

Have nice weekends everybody


  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Ah, if only........
    A perfect, poignant drawing. I love your in"site"ful blog, your social commentaries, your humor and your drawing prowess.
    Syndication for newspapers, cards, how-to manuals for sensible humans, I can see it all.
    Great work!! I love to re-visit this site.

  2. Anonymous9:47 PM

    It's amazing how much your style reminds me of early Robert Crumb drawings. But you surely already know that. Anyway I like it very much!

  3. Anonymous9:49 PM

    P.S. Note to self: buy a 'real' moleskine so I can get advertisement for my work on too ;)

  4. Yes Crumb has been mentioned I prefer his earlier work than his later, thanks and thanks