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A great way to spend a weekend by Don Moyer
Target practice
Strutting into town
First taste of hard liquor
First gunfight
Showing his pokerface
Finding true love and losing his temper in the process
Tintin and snowy
Prince Valiant
the Hulk
the Invisible man
Part one

Mattias is awaken by the sun (that means about 11 AM in the winter and about 2 AM come summer)
Breakfast with the lion and the cubs is usually a jolly affair.
Mattias tries not to get lost amongst the trees while walking the dog
Mattias then strolls downtown to the library to get some inspiration for his daily art
Sigtuna library prouds itself for it's extensive collection of forgotten masters of the Flemish baroque
Sigtuna is crammed with tracing shops, most of them are very skilled
Part 2
While waiting for the trace to finish Mattias visits his favorite haberdasher. Artist hands are vulnerable and have to be protected.
Mattias then enjoys a laudanum sundae at one of Sigtunas opium dens.
Mattias examines his newly traced moleskine sketchbook, the result is well worth the price
Amiral Kaltjuk at the scan-shop is a war veteran. The war varies, today he states it was the Czech-Suisse war of 78.
Perambulating homewards Mattias spots Sigtunas other blogger, on occasions these meetings has come to blows, the situation is tense but nothing happens today
the Evening is spent at the Opera, Sigtuna Wagner Society's controversial: Ring of the Nibelungs on Wheels
It's time again for the nobel price ceremony, and if you do not have a new revolutionizing theory on branes, a elixir for eternal youth cooking in the kitchen or the big Uzbeki novel in your typewriter the chances of you going to Stockholm and participating in the event are rather slim. To make amends here's a short resume of what awaits the nobel laureates.
Arrival at the airport be prepared for some screaming fans swedes love science.

The laureates stay at Sweden's top hotel (the worlds only skyscraper completely built out of wood) in the heart of gamla stan (the old city).
Nobel laureates sometimes get lost that's why each laureate get one nobel shepherd and one nobel  shepherds dog assigned when checking in at the hotel.
the laureates gets a sightseeing in Stockholm.
At the same time the food is being prepared in the Nobel kitchen, in this kitchen everything get's cooked by the help of dynamite.
At the actual award ceremony the medal is given to the laureate by the royal robot (there has been some concerns about the Swedish kings moral, rest assure the robots pedigree is spotless)
the Dinner after the ceremony is a great opportunity for the laureates to mix with the cream of Sweden's top celebrities. To keep the dinner short and sweet all candles are dynamite sticks with a slow fuse, Swedish people loves punctuality.
As a goodbye gift each laureates is given his or hers weight in dynamite
this might be a reason why it's so hard to get a flight from Sweden.

Most laureates instead stays in Sweden and are signed in to Sweden's ambitious breeding program, a program that aim to make Sweden self sufficient in Nobel laureates by 2050.
Showing my terrier the tricks of Houdini
Taking my dog for a walk
the Lion does not give much for the Circus
The winter in Sweden has been wonderful this year with much snow and with ample opportunities for cross country skiing. To ski is wonderful but you have to be aware of all the dangers that lurks in the woods. I always carry a brake for those hard to handle downhill passages. Asta our Terrier checks the snow for dangerous moles, they can bring havoc on our equipment given half a chance. The woods are full of fashion scouts (the newest fashion trends are first seen amongst us skiers), in order not to reveal my fashion secrets I always bring a large paper bag to wear. The Lion, more used to warmer climates, wears her complete wardrobe when skiing. The most dangerous creature in the forest are the evil squirrel. It's hard to tell the difference between an evil squirrel and a good one, but a good rule is to examine the eyes. Evil squirrel has a hard quality to their eyes. Evil squirrels favorite past time is to catch skiers in a trap called the death loop. In order to lure skiers they make a mock track and then wait for the skier to arrive... When the skier enters the loop, the evil squirrel brushes the entrance track away leaving only the loop track. The unfortunate skier is trapped in an eternal loop with no way out. Come spring the forest is full of bones from looped skiers. Luckily for me I've got Asta to protect me, she is unsurpassed when it comes to evil squirrel spotting.
Making the perfect a sauerkraut is not as hard as you might think, it takes some time though.. the first part is finding the perfect cabbage, not to worry you will know when you'll see the perfect cabbage. Just remember: choose with your heart.Now it's time for trying to woe the cabbage, this is not that hard, cabbages falls in love easily.The early process demands both physical contact..and gentle serenading..Come week two you can start to relax, start making excuses.and talk to the cabbage of the possibilities of a more relaxed relationship. Start bringing home other kinds of salad, (I prefer Roman Salad, notoriousfor it's frivolity) , the souring process shoul be well under way at this stage.Then the third or forth week, do the actual break up, this will brake the cabbages heart and thus completing the sour fermentation.Making the dish perfect (I go for the French way) abuse some bratwurst, neglect some apples, mishandle some juniper berries and finally put the wine straight and then the dish is ready to eat.And it's all that hard work and bad attitude that makes eating a good sauerkraut such a bitter sweet experience.
They joy of biking can sometime be hindered by an exploding tire To make a new tire I take a stroll in our rubber plantation Making a spiral cut makes the rubber juice drip into the combined hat/tiremold Pygmy Elephants hate when you take rubber from the trees, beware they are surprisingly nimble Remember to hold a firm grip on the hat (the chase is part of the plan) because a tired pygmy elephant is an excellent pumping device, and the little run has dried the rubber enough as to venture a pumping of the new tire. And remember to be kind to the elephant afterwards...
the liars bench (ljugarbänk in Swedish) a bench designed for the art of lying. On the west coast of Sweden the liars bench is located to have a good view of the harbor, this post celebrates the bench and the art of lying.
Now go ahead and construct your own bench.
Introducing 3d drawing a quantum leap in drawing technology The sleek pen switches between red and blue ink in perfect synchronization with the stylish shutter glasses. Controlled by the compact easy to carry controller unit. Refuse to stay in 2d land, stun art critics with state of the art 3d drawing.
To many horsepowers One horsepower to much Outboard simulator Duel Concerto in 45 horsepowers Buoyancy stress test 10000 horsepowers the Traditionalist Complete spread
To boldly take market shares where no one has done so before. CEO W.Khirk, Vice President F. Spock, head of sentinel resources Bhones and Chief technical officer macScott Flight deck Cubicle deck Computer core Striking a strategic alliance with Borg Inc. Hostile take over by Klingon and sons
If you suspect that the birds laugh at you, there's a good chance they are... You're not as three dimensional as you might think... Studying game theory doesn't make you a happier person... Having a good sense of fashion doesn't give you an edge when applying for a job..
Chatting with dogs Trying to solve the enigma that is cat speech Cooking with crows Learning how to cope with being harassed by a duck
Early wake up call
Driving to ye olde shopping mart
Losing himself for the moment amongst the cabbage
Akward moment, meeting Charles I in the snack department
Getting a real telling of by Mrs Cromwell for putting the eggs at the bottom om the shopping bag
Beauty and the beast
the ugly duckling
the little mermaid
Goldilocks and the three bears
I've developed a new way of sketching. I now do it standing up as a guitarist would do it, this makes it possible to get instant feedback from my fan base.
At first my fan base were not that impressed...
but soon when showing my "Pete Townsend" moves I felt I was getting some real feedback...
the positive feedback inspires me to use another trick, taking a cue from Jimi Hendrix and with some help of some burning fuel...
I soon could see how much my audience appreciated my performance...

the only drawback is that it leaves little material to show on my blog....
cthulhu at work
The last couple of years have been tough for Cthulhu Inc. The company has seen a steady decline since the 1930 when the company had a virtual monopoly in scaring.
cthulhu scaring kids
Competition from new franchises like "Scary Clowns associates" and "Peek Oil ldt" has forced Cthulhu to take on smaller and smaller contract like country fairs and children's parties.
cthulhu in the old days
Long gone are the heydays when Chtulhu was a household name, and the mere name Cthulhu brought nightmares to people all around the globe.
mrs cthulhu watching television
At home the former Trophy wife, mrs Cthulhu spends her days in front of daytime soaps while the home turns to spoils.
cthulhu son lord of the dance
Mr Cthulhus son refuses to follow in mr Cthulhus footsteps joining the family firm instead opting for a career in dance
cthulhu scaring poodlesThe only highlight in mr Cthulhus life is taking the Shoggoth out for a walk scaring poodles....
Part two:
cthulhu breakfasting
The day started as any other for mr Cthulhu and his family. Expect for the friendly slobberings of the every hungry shoggoth the silence was deafening..
cthulhu commuting
Commuting into town mr Cthulhu could swear he heard sniggering from a clown. Mr Cthulhu paid little heed to this, mr Cthulhus relationship towards clowns had alway been strained at best.
cthulhu arriving at work
Arriving at the office door, mr Cthulhu noticed that his keycard had stopped working and when buzzing the intercom he only got evil laughters in return. Only after buzzing for fifteen minutes he was finally let in.
cthulhu and a scary clown
Mr Cthulhu finally reached his office only to meet a clown. The Scary clown franchise had made a hostile takeover finishing off Cthulhu inc with the stroke of a pen.
cthulhu and garbage
Two sturdy clowns helped mr Cthulhu out of his former office. Landing hard amongst the garbage mr Cthulhu hits a new low. What now for mr Cthulhu...
cthulhu feeding ducks
Strolling aimlessly mr Cthulhu ends up in the park, feeding the duck his lunch. S o depressed was mr Cthulhu that he failed to notice a poodle spotting him...
The poodle community is closely knit and soon there was not one poodle in town that didn't know that mr Cthulhu had been spotted without his Shoggoth
Lost in thought mr Cthulhu suddenly was awaken by a large amount of angry poodles heading towards him, this did not bode well..
Soon mr Cthulhu was running for his life, poodles have long memories and many where the poodle that bore scars from encounters with the Shoggoth. Hell hath no fury like a poodle scorned.
At last mr Cthulhu found safety in a tree, it soon was evident for mr Cthulhu that he was in for a long wait. For the first time of his life mr Cthulhu was afraid.
It was well into the night until rescue came. Mr Cthulhus son, worried that his father had failed to come home, had searched for him all over town aided by the Shoggots keen sense of smell.
Driving home in mr Cthulhus sons compact mr Cthulhu sat silent..
Fashion icon the Horse man Masquerade Man of war Patron of the Arts Master of transportation the Lover Shuttle baby
Introducing the new Foodjet 3000, a paradigm shift in how we look at food production. With our unique food ink and our patented paper (I cant believe it's paper technology) made out of corn and soybean starch delicious food i just a mouse click away... Choose amongst a long range of delicious food inks "Cook" your food with our revolutionizing software, FoodShop. State of the art WYSIWYE, what you see is what you eat, technology."Cook" a gourmet meal in mere minutes. No more heavy picnic or lunch baskets, a full meal fits neatly in your portfolio. Bake a cake and send it to you mother Or try our snack version, perfect for your mobile device For more printable solutions check out our line of clothing .
Coca and Coca, the pups goes astray
Cocina and Martillo, Coca and Cocos pups has grown since last we saw them
They have grown teeth They have learned how to use scissors Martillo and Cocina has learned how to walk They have learned how to climb and they have developed an interest in fast motorcycles They have learned to play with our Chippendale heard As every nigh Coco or Coca reads for the pups But one morning Cocina and Martillo where gone We searched everywhere Soon we found out that they had escaped into Sigtuna proper, a town full of danger We asked the Police We asked at the sports center We searched the petting zoo we searched by the Triumph arch we asked at the circus and we looked around the temple of Electricity But they where nowhere to be found, just one place was left to search.. A place where even the SPD (Sigtuna Police Department, known for their toughness) dare not enter the Sigtuna waterfront...
Knowing the dangers of the Docks.. We went home and changed clothes, the lion was not to happy with my choice of costume for her.. Me and Coco had no luck finding any information.. nor the Lion, well not of the right sort But Coca had! Apparently there had been quit a row at the bloody cauldron, the most notorious pub on the waterfront Inside fear ruled, it was dead silent All were in hiding the bartender pointed at the heart of dread Cocina and Martillo had finally been found! Pure happiness We felt great joy while heading home, leaving behind a lot of relived pirates (and a couple of broken hearts) And now after installing a state of the art security system, the twins will stay put I have (in order to humor the lion) to use the mermaid suit while moving the grass If you happen to visit Sigtuna, and dare enter the docks, you might hear the story told in a alternate version, but remember where you heard it first!