a zoo without a zoom

Part of a commission work I'm doing at the moment, mind the fold.

18 to 33

A commission piece I did this summer for a Norwegian bank, depicting all that happens between the ages eighteen to thirtythree

Heraldics 2.0

Made on my way back from Göteborgs book fair, the shakes from the train works pretty good for this kind of drawing.

Q and A

I'm off to Göteborg to the book fair, if you are in town please drop by in monter A01:31. If you're lucky I might draw a robot for you...(but you will have to buy a book though)

the present


One nation under a groove
the Heist
Frutti di mare
Sheep herding
Tin pan alley
Or see it in even larger version at: http://zoom.it/z3tY

pleasures of the hunt

I managed to finish my first book without putting any of my kids in it, I will not make the same mistake in this last piece. I guess I will be finished soon.

Light at the end of the tunnel

I might be able to finish this spread before I leave for Gothenburg next week (it's the annual Swedish book fair)

In the evening lines are drawn

Spending my evening together with this wast spread, not sure what scenes to add.

Artistic suicide

A couple of days ago a bought the largest moleskine sketchbook (approx. four times larger then the ones I usually use), it will probably not be completed before I die. The paper seem not to be quite the same, my pen bleed a little more then usual so I will probably only use every other spread.

Drawing gear

Did you think I still use old fashion pens when drawing....

A smile a day keeps the doctor away

You can see the image on the next spread bleeding through, the drawback when using every page of the sketchbook