Hello John got a new motor?

Still things from this summer, was a week since I did a new drawing

It's the inside that counts

Our summer house is very small and when it rains it gets even smaller, made this a especially rainy day this summer

Poetry in motion, redefined

Meet the man behind the blog dressed to the teeth in the traditional blogging dress of the vikings.

Adolfsson Land

By taking all the best from amusement parks around the world and creating something new and unique, Adolfsson Land bring excitement and happiness. In cue world you'll find the you of permanent cuing, thanks to our perma-cue(TM) system we guarantee almost constant cuing In rush hour world you'll enjoy the thrill and pace of inner city life, In rush hour world you will be stuck for hours with authentic metropolis smog We have harvested the rich flora of folk lore around the world and lovelly choosed the most mediocre of all tales and turned it to a ride of dread and boredom In our state of the art Digital theatre, you will experience thrills and awe as our skilled technicians turns reality upside down in front of your eyes Afraid of rats? in our phobia world we'll cater for all your phobias, don't have any phobias? Not to worry after an hour in phobia world you'll develop at least a few! In roller coaster world you will get a ride of your life, with an elevation of nearly a meter and over 15 meters long, our roller coaster surely is unique in the world Peckish? Wy not enjoy one of our extensive selection of "on a stick" fast food? And Adolfsson Land has a long list of exclusive hotels, order to day and get an extra Swedish Fondue night!

Stand and deliver

We are just two weeks shy of moving, there's lot to do and I don't have so much time to be online, thanks for all your comments though, they make me happy..


In this I mean the words original meaning, still on the vacation drawings

Some more pages from the vacation

Preparing for the African campaign War games Monster protection hat Wrist watches Pinball wizard

Moleskine number six

Made a film of my moleskine sketchbook number 6

A walk with the Dog

Today some mobile snaps form our holiday, it didn't rain every day. Asta is impatient and can't believe the slowness of the human species She wants to leave our small house and taste the salty winds It's sunny but it's getting cloudier The sea, unusually calm Photosession Asta loves to chase the water Strolling home through the "forest" You can see our house Home at last And at last a moleskine spread Flying lessons

Every cloud has a silver lining

Just back from a three week vacation on the west coast of Sweden, the weather was rather rainy so expect quite a few more drawing to come over the next couple of weeks