Department of Transportation

Letting my fountain pen have a well deserved rest and using a Kuretake no 40 brush pen instead. 

Brushing up on my brush work

I'm giving my fountain pen a rest and work directly with a brush pen instead.

38 Sketchcrawl

At last I managed to be part of a sketchcrawl, rather cold -15 Celsius,
Biologiska museet (build 1893) with paintings by Bruno Liljefors is well worth a visit
I'm a bit rusty when it comes to live drawing, I think I will do some more come spring.

the woes of early neolithic man

Strained relationship with the next of kin
Loud neanderthal neighbours 

Limited dating scene

Hard getting all the ingredients to mammoth in a basket

Global warming cause a rise in sea level

Difficult to reach a large audience with your art

Early new year thoughts

Creative block
underestimating your opponent
Fear of the blank page
Mountain climbing