fancy a swim?

This is part of a small project I'm working on at the moment, color to come...

the Blog Empire, part one

Moments of doubtI've been blogging almost three years now and feel that my blog has reached it's peak. Statistics is steady but lackluster and the long going trend does not show of any evident growth, and in order to live a blog (or a economy) need to grow, but how? My small studio still manage to produce reasonable art, but not to the standards of a choosy International audience, my blog needs some new fresh ideas to grow.. TO BE CONTINUED


Made for South African magazine Migrate (from the organization behind the Loerie Awards)

Trio med bumba

just playing havoc on the search engines of the world, I still get lots of hit's for Swedish Fondue (it gives me a thrill each time I see it). Maybe I should start a restaurant .... (would you come?)

Chest extension

Many old Hero's have a problem, ( a problem not often talked about) during their life, full of bravery and hero-ship they tend to gather so many medals that the shear weight of their uniforms tend to be so high to render further feats impossible.But with our new patented chest extension you can practically gather how many medals as you want. Thanks to this you can now go out and do great achievements.. this is some of the new medals open for up and coming heroes... The Handyman. Is given to a handyman (or woman) that has managed to complete a task without hurting him or herself. The flying pig Is given to a person that has made great achievements in doing pigs airborne The shopping medal. is given to a person that has managed to buy everything on the shopping list.

the network order (first class)

this medallion is given to a man/woman who boldly solves internet problems. We have been without internet the last couple of days (I managed to surf on the neighbors weak waves though)

Keine Schönheit ohne Gefahr

I have problem with my Internet connection... this have nothing to do with this image, it's just full of badly spelled German. Apperently when I use my ink in my large fountain pen it tend to bleed, it's not fully fool proof (I'm not fool proof either as it happens).


Three Valentine card I gave to my wife and daughters this morning, Asta our dog got nothing (she's no a great fan of the arts)

tattoo you

A first for me (my wife beat me with a couple of month) a drawing (or more correctly a blend of three drawings) has been turned into a tatto.It's a rather strange feeling


Been short on time this week, I'm starting to slip someday soon I will mis to blog...

the unchoreographed peace protest

Made in my new hand made watercolor sketchbook, you might see what kind of paper it's made of if you enlarge the image..