Bazooka art

I'm getting tired of ink and fountain pens, therefore I'm experimenting with new medias. I'm updating William S. Burroughs shotgun art using more powerful firearms.

Just some coffee

Some random ideas


More things inspired by my visit to the Victoria and Albert museum.

Night flight 2

A final sweep with some color and some more black for the sky, will try making some print of some sort of my three larger moleskine images. Zoom it at: zoomit

Real estate

Just another try with the new scanner, got a bad cold when I was in London and have not bin drawing the last couple of days.

New scanner

I finally bought a new scanner and this time it's an A3 one (the old scanner had started showing some ugly banding in the images). One problem is that it takes up a fair part of my studio. This is an old sketchbook spread from my watercolor sketchbook.


I visited the Victoria and Albert museum while I where in london, I could probably have stayed there for the whole visit but my children prefer more moderna pastimes. I draw these from memory afterwards the originals are even more outrageous. I had planned a visit to the Soane museum as well but the que was to long when we reached it, maybe next time...

Fly me to the moon

Keeping busy while flying to london, my new pen handles flying much better then my Namiki Falcon

Hail to the king

I'm off to London for a couple of days (will be back on Monday). If you live in London and will be trying to spot me, mark that I now sport an handsome beard (I plan to remove the beard sometime next week)

Night flight

Finally finished, I guess it will be some before I venture into something like this again. Here's some details of all the details
I can't stress enough the importance of an ergonomic chair..
Remember the Iphone works great as a backup system (using the right app that is)
A great sound system will help shorten the time spent travelling
Spot the Kermit...

or zoom it at:
The exterior can be seen in this post: Behemoth

The logical conclusion

Almost finished with the spread, I think this is as far as I will go when it comes to details. Going to London with my family next weekend is there someone who has got some suggestions what we shouldn't miss?


I have to rotate the sketchbook in order to draw the details on the roof

the co pilot

some more ink on the paper, I find it really hard to take good photos of the book.

Refueling while in the air

Or more correctly, re-inking (the ink in the pen needed recharging) 

Modus operandi

Same procedure, I must be dense. The smaller spread just didn't have enough details..