I have regained control of my Facebook Page. Thanks for all the support. I never thought it would be possible to get it back.

Stolen Page

I have been posting my daily drawings to my Facebook Fanpage since 2009, steadily growing an audience and reaching about 200000 followers.  Since 17 March, the page has been under the control of criminals after an invite to be part of a podcast with American musician Tony Terry (a hacked account). I feel like a fool falling for such a blatant scam, but I never thought that my page would be worth stealing.

The Page keeps posting scams and misinformation all over Facebook. I contacted Facebook support on 20 April (which is impossible to reach without paying ads to Facebook), but the fraudulent posts kept on, and now they have added me as an admin to another page. The criminals have all the controls to add new admins to my page, spreading their filth and scam people.

Sorry for the rant, I would prefer to delete all my Facebook presence, but I would hate to leave my fans, and the fraudulent post would continue in my name anyway. 

Way of the Empty Hand.

The ancient martial art of saving people from the evils of social media.

Full of character.


 My Facebook page is still in control of thieves, I've contacted Facebook support, and they say that they will start an investigation to see if I have a right to my page. Until Facebook acts, my page will continue spewing fraudulent material. Sorry about that.

Meta Support


My Facebook business page is hacked, and contacting Meta support is impossible. My page is currently posting fraudulent posts out of my control. I have no solution to this problem, but if as many people visit the page and report it, Meta may close it down: https://www.facebook.com/Mattias.O.Adolfsson