Have a nice weekend everybody! More stardogs.. color and story to follow

It's a sunny day here at Berkley

Thanks to the delight of podcasting I have had the fortune to listening to lectures from both Yale and Berkley university this summer. There's quite a few other Universities who podcast to, but most of them use Itunes (this leaves us Unix people out). Iit's wonderful to be able to participate and learn, but maybe the greatest part is listening to the pupils complaining on the assignments.

A ladder

More pigs, Listening to some lectures on Roman history from Berkley University, you might see it on the uniforms

Attacking from the right

I prolonged the image for a record sleeve as to work as a backside as well Sometimes one image don't give the complete picture.


Started this while going on the commuter train, when I don't know what to draw I tend to end up with something tree like.

The sky is the limit

Trying to get a grip on the color settings on my scanner, or maybe the color setting on my computer.

Critter week #3

Doing some serious coloring today, it puts a heavy toll on my arm.

Critter week

My scedule for this week is rather full, luckily I have some random dragons made this summer.

Record time

I'm doing some work for the rock band Watchman's warning. More to follow (color and additional images).

Focus on the lines

Made in the watercolor sketchbook my wife made for me this Christmas. I'll save a snappier title for the shaded version.

Camouflaged elk

I think nature didn't think the whole idea through when it designed the horns