New prints

I've made some new prints to be found here This i made a warm summers day, from the hills by the Dock of stora Korno on the west coast of Sweden, my father where among the last generation who lived there permanent. Now we have our summer residence here. This is an adaptation of a sketchbook picture

Bifuel, for the enviroment

An old sketchbook drawing to remind you of not driving with your pig unfastened, just don't do it.

Sprawling captains

When I decided to take up drawing again in order to gather material for some kind of exihibition I started with this picture, as alway I don't have a great schema when drawing, the theme will evolve slowly. The resulting picture shows this I think, and I decided not to make a print of it, anyway I'll post it with some detail enlargements. Captain of the balcony Flying dreadnought Some mild frontal nudity here Cows with an anchor And the ever present elephants

Anatomicly correct animals

Massaging giraffs A Swedish Tiger, tigers Lion with vampire mouse It's a wolf, and yes they look like this, kind of anyway the two-tone Gnuu A Crock Home from work today so I found time to do some vimsical animals, in color.

Telfer or not?

I've been scratching my head trying to get my website in a moderate acceptable level, so I'll post some scanned sketches. This have a certain likeness to the film the 5th element, expect form the monkeys and the large teeth. Her you also can see a reoccurring theme, the telfer (is this viable in English?) as found in this old Copper print I made while studying Design Tall towers is evidently something that also reoccurs

The Difficult start

Just in the starting face of this internet experience, put my main foucs on finishing my personal website to be found here: Also I'm making prints, using a modern photopolymer technique, longing to be able to start drawing again, I get really inspired by all the great sketching bloggers out there. Anyway this is some of the prints I'm working on for the moment. John Wilin Booth nightmare The Icarus complex Parking ticket