Industrial Design

Being a freelance Illustrator is not as glamorous as it's cracked up to be, therefore I'm doing the switch to Industrial Design (it's much sexier being a designer). I'm designing some vacuum cleaners to start with, expect them in shops in a not to far future (and in a galaxy far far away).

Lonely Robots

Made for a group show called LONELY ROBOTS in Toronto Canada, more on it when I know when and what gallery.

Blind Robot

I thought I was feed up on Robots, but I got invited to a group show in Canada (more on that when I finish this drawing) on Robots.... For this piece I took some inspiration from Uderzo (Asterix) for the clouds

What is your favorite day?

Just thought our weekdays was due for some heraldic treatment. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Christmas present

For Christmas I got a watercolor sketchbook made by my wife Cecilia (you can check her brand new site out here: or her blog at: matter of form ) . I decided to give it a try, works like a charm. Thaw The power of super glue Feeling blue

Super Friday

Superheroes was not a staple diet in my childhood that might be the reason that I have a hard time getting excited over them. In order to remedy I've created a series of super heroes to my own taste. I marvel if Marvel will like them.. .
Baroque Man Puritan Man Sketch Man JustInTime Man Hot coffee man Grocery man Dragon woman Made in my sketchbook I'm trying to spend less time in them..

TinTin Air

Hopefully I won't have any problems with this name (trademark wise), the Tintin Hair-do was one of the last things I added on this piece. I made this while trying a new paper Arches 300gr Satin. At first I thought it was to smooth for my taste but I might be able to like it, it's almost like drawing on copy paper. I usually use Saunders and Waterford (Satin) but I wanted a paper that didn't have so much yellow tint for a change.

Advice for Dragon slayers 2

Do not call Victory in advance...

Cover boy

I made it onto the cover of a Taiwanese magazine called DPI, it was the July number which says something for the postal services.Our dog is happy to, she is the first Swedish Terrier to be featured in a Taiwanese magazine!

Advice for Dragon slayers 1

When going Dragon slaying remember to have a firm grip on your gladius, fighting dragons unarmed is often a bad idea...

Think Tank

I made some Illustrations for Tank Magazine (ran as a supplement to the Observer) this autumn Not sure they did end up in the publication though it was about expensive presents, a thing that might have gone out of vogue..

Houseflower 6

Cornflowerlast in the lines in the flower houses for this time

Houseflower 1

TulipJust finished one series when I dive into the next and it's about time I did some flowers.

Bots of the Ring, part 16

The ShreddoMatThe only device capable enough to destroy the ring unit.

Corn on the cob

When I put some color on this piece it looked more like a vegetable than a fruit, that's color for you..

Exotic Fruit

Just sticking one post in between the last two Robots to celebrate the 900th Post. Expect some more house plants next week

Bots of the Ring, part 14

ShelobotPack the most legs of the Midgard Robots

Bots of the Ring, part 12

BalRobot, EMP deviceThis unit packs a small tactical nuclear bomb, the Electromagnetic pulse will destroy all Robots in the vicinity