Track and field

I'm concerned that athletics are losing it's popularity by the onslaught of cooler sports, to remedy this I propose some enhancements to track and fields.

An allegory of the last two years

The last two years since i retook drawing as a hobby/work that is, have a nice weekend everybody. Tomorrow I'm out int the forest in Lidingö tormenting my body..

Introducing the Double sided Y-front

A scientific breakthrough rival only that of the transistor, introducing the double sided Y-front Increase sensuality with a hefty 100% Developed in our underground labs during the last twenty years Be warned though It's frank sensuality can over power woman Each pair come with a pair of patented slow revealing goggles to prevent attacks of fainting Unique design looks equally god under as over the clothes We even have a line for animals No more hesitation when you put them on, remember you can't go wrong As worn by the crowned heads of Europe Or read the original spread

Easy rider

To be perfectly honest I'm not interested in motorcycles at all, I just like to design them.

Fountain pens

One of the most frequent question I get about my drawings are of what type of pens I use, the answer is I use a selection of self design fountain pens. According to what mood I'm in at the moment, this is some of the pens I've used this week. The Baraccuda The Tipi The DC 10 Late imperial pomp See if you can guess what pen i Used for this drawing.. To be perfect frank these designs are not as far fetched as you might think, fountain pen designers are pretty freaky.


I stay in the realm of mythology, today Helios a God that drove a chariot dragging the sun over the sky.

suspection and forks

Today the Fork of the future and the usual suspects Two spreads from my more elongated sketchbook

A versus B

War of the Anfangs (what is it called in English?), this is a very small drawing, thought I'd better save on paper. Well to be frank it's not much of a war either, but maybe there's enough of that sort elsewhere. I will be part of a book about sketchbooks called "an Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory he posted a small preview on the book here: I'm very happy to be part of this project.

Hard wired

This drawing took exactly one hour to produce but the film is only ten minutes thanks to modern technology. No sound you'll have to sing yourself.


New tools from Baroque and Decker Screwdriver Pliers Drill Saw Hammer Nail and screw The original moleskine spread


Made for this weeks Illustration Friday

Alcoholism amongst domesticated animals

I briefly talked about the issue with depressed animals today I want to take up the growing problem with Alcoholism amongst our four legged friend. Has your animal suddenly changed it's habits? Does your animal smell strangely and are he/she unusually tired? Don't be afraid to ask, and if you feel you need help don't hesitate to contact us..

Unorthodox friendship

Just a little half day post, couldn't fit in otherwise

The insecure driver

Often people driving large car often get attacked for their apparent lack of understanding environmental issues, but most of these drivers are shy people, who likes to get a little distance to the rest of us. So the next time you meet any one of these drivers give them a hug and tell them that you do understand, insecurity is nothing to be ashamed of.

Choose your poison

Today I dwell on the topic of different constitutions, hope you all had relaxing weekends.

For the Enviroment

I'm still trying to find a environment friendly way of traveling, not there yet but I'm getting closer A still taken from the upcoming motion picture, the Attack of the Erasers Cross town traffic And last of the commuting sketches, hope I'll be able to stay clear of the train some time longer, have a nice weekend everybody

Budgie tree

An image from the exhibition I'm part of in Melbourne, for more pictures from the show check Beck Wheeler's blog I'm trying to put together a little book about a budgie, the story is not fixed in cement yet (or if I will finish it) this is a work in progress anyway, will color it.