A versus B

War of the Anfangs (what is it called in English?), this is a very small drawing, thought I'd better save on paper. Well to be frank it's not much of a war either, but maybe there's enough of that sort elsewhere. I will be part of a book about sketchbooks called "an Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory he posted a small preview on the book here: I'm very happy to be part of this project.


  1. Love the sense of humor.
    I have a picture of a beach house in Galveston, TX that's very unusual that might spark an idea!check my blog...feel free to clip the photo as I took the photo on road trip w/daughter this summer.

  2. Initials?
    I worry about the little sheep 'Baa-baa'.

  3. Yes maybe Initials, thanks

  4. Anonymous10:40 PM

    congrats on being part of the project!