On the road

Packing up to leave the country, I will be away for almost two weeks holding workshops. Updates might be sporadic...

Sketchbook skool drawing

Made for one of the demos in sketchbook skool I sat in a nest of red ants, and as I was filmed I did not want to move, do not tell me I do not suffer for my art.

Integrated brush

Illustration now!

Page from Illustration now! 5 from Taschen books http://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/design/all/04472/facts.illustration_now_5.htm

Vote for the Second in Line

Vote for the Second in Line, the Swedish design competition KOLLA!, the public prize just enter your email (under RÖSTA – PUBLIKENS PRIS) and click Rösta!

Welcome to the Wayne

Image made for Nickelodeons: www.nick.com/welcome-to-the-wayne/