the Arcade

I hope this image won't get me into copyright issues...

the first in line limited edition

by Mattias Adolfsson and Cecilia Levy (case) In this special edition the signed book come in a black handmade cloth-bound case along with a signed original drawing in a handmade vellum envelope. The edition is limited to 13 copies numbered I – XIII and will be sold on a first come first served basis. More information at Sanatorium


Sorry for the strange language, it's a commission piece but you might use it to learn some rudimentary Swedish..

Price drop

We have cut the price of my book The first in Line (due to the fact that the Dollar has become stronger towards the Swedish Krona). It now costs 44$ (thanks all who have already bought it)
Svenska kunder 265 kr skicka ett mail till:

Epic battle

Seems like there's always one reason to start a fight...

First contact

Just another self portrait with our dog Asta coming along for comfort

forty-eight icons

Sorry for the duplicated Elephants, I was drawing on autopilot..

Waiting for the call

As many other Swedish citizens this week revolves around waiting for a call from the Nobel committee (Swedes are notorious optimists)

Show me your notebook

I'm featured in this book from Taiwan, show me your notebook, not sure how I'm presented on the cover something with Digital Illusion I'm afraid (it was a long time since I worked there) . If you read Taiwanesse you can buy the book here