One more vehicle, self propelled. I'll take the weekend off!

Plate tectonics

Well I probably should have called this post the Masquerade, but I though this title more thought provoking


Made for this weeks Illustration Friday

Time and Intelligence

At last we have managed to bring Artificial intelligence to the art of clock making! It gives the clock the ability to run It gives the clock the persistence it needs when waking up sleepyheads And if he/she refuse to wake up, the clock now can bring some friend and give an extra reason to wake up With intelligence also comes the ability to fall in love and to serenade, and the ability to marry and the ability to go on a long honeymoon In time small clocks will be born, and waking up never have been easier And also with intelligence time will age, as we all do

Bachs not dead

I got a comment from Brazil informing about the likeness of a t-shirt suggestion and one of my illustrations, is it just coincidence, plagiarism or friendly influence? This is the planned T-shirt and this is my illustration I suppose I wasn't the first man to use animals in this despicable manner, in art or otherwise

Bad Omen

Happy new Monday, cold today in Sigtuna about -5 centigrades and sunny.

Who are you calling a pig

Back to the drawing board, another moleskine spread how original.. have nice weekends everyone

The cone

Went over it a last time last night, thought it was a bit pale, now it's off to Berlin and the Christmas machine With some wash, which make it about time for dinner. More or less finished with the inking, managed to do some last minutes smudging I got careless close to the finishing line It's time for lunch, something very unglamorous I can promise you Made some additional inking, as someone already has mentioned I'm using some pencil on this one, I often do when it comes to some rudimentary symmetry. And it saves a bit on the stomach ache. Making a suggestion to the exhibition the Christmas machine, I'll post the progress in this post. The start had my hand hurting but I'll better hurry up the deadline is soon.

a Stately rocket

Why shouldn't Astronauts (or maybe Baroqueonauts) be allowed to travel in style?

Quiz answers

Thanks all who answered my little quiz a week ago, I got ten correct answers (you should have gotten mail, if not contact me) ten happy comets will be coming your way soon, and now the correct answers: This species is called the Piggles, noteworthy for it's ability to oink and fly at the same time Coco's friend is called Loco, read about their European odyssey here: The Finnish tango mends a broken heart like no other music, Coco in Love The legendary Pygmy Elephant helped Hannibal conquer the Alps No commercial Airline brings you to holy place like Templar Air My Father was born on Stora Kornö, on the west coast of Sweden. Nowadays it's only inhabited summertimes Nothing really beats the combination of pickled herring and a rich brown gravy And it was the mighty Neo Classico who fought Moderno

Mayan Space

Paging through my art history books I'm struck by the lack of material from the American civilizations, (most of the non western world, to be honest)

Gothic space

More rockets to come this week, hope you all had nice weekends


I made some more prints, (from my sketchbooks), signed and numbered in editions of fifteen in my shop


Coat of arms Follow Sir John Camoflage Making a chainmail Curiosity And as it was created