The cone

Went over it a last time last night, thought it was a bit pale, now it's off to Berlin and the Christmas machine With some wash, which make it about time for dinner. More or less finished with the inking, managed to do some last minutes smudging I got careless close to the finishing line It's time for lunch, something very unglamorous I can promise you Made some additional inking, as someone already has mentioned I'm using some pencil on this one, I often do when it comes to some rudimentary symmetry. And it saves a bit on the stomach ache. Making a suggestion to the exhibition the Christmas machine, I'll post the progress in this post. The start had my hand hurting but I'll better hurry up the deadline is soon.


  1. I see pencil traces! That's something new.

    A really impressive drawing.

  2. This one is semi-symmetrical I like to have a rough sketch of where I'm going

  3. Go Mattias go :)
    You get it *give you a bottle of water an a towel*

  4. I'm dead jalous of your work !
    your little characters sure come from Wonderland.

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    charming as usual....

  6. Without words !!!!!!!!
    Your work is always incredible.
    Greetings!!!! :-)

  7. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Very very jaw-dropping... lovely, lovely details... :) Great work!

  8. Look at it's something like laputa flying island ¡¡¡

  9. Haven't seen the moving castle but saw totoro the other day, loved it

    thanks all

  10. Anonymous9:30 AM

    amazing! :-)

  11. Like you i haven't saw Laputa, a friend show me the match.

    Totoro it´s amazing, i love the bus stop raining scene, charming.

  12. very sweet my kids love it

    thanks again

  13. very beautiful Mattias, I love it, thanks again for your advice regarding the ink and pens.

  14. Vågat att lägga på mer färg där.. tänk om du hade dödat den ;)

  15. A very impressive progress.
    Well done !

  16. Amazing work!!!
    Great visual memory!!
    Always suprising!!!

  17. wow..
    just amazing..
    it's really cool
    to see the evolution
    of the draw x)
    .. it is very beautiful..

  18. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I love your work. Your confidence in pen reminds me of Sergio Aragonés and his crowd scenes.

    I am curious about how you draw. Are you planning all the time what you will draw next or do you just end up where the pen takes you? Every time I draw directly in ink, I come to a point where I want to back track or draw something in front of the lines I just drew.

    I have watched your videos and I learned a lot from those, but if you have written about this part of you process anywhere, could you direct me there? thanks.