Pigs of the old West

Single barreled Joe Squeky pants Molly Derringer Winchester Eddie


What better to Illustrate when you got the blogger blues than red for illustration friday?


This autumn I got the possibility to make a little comic book through Seriefrämjandet (don't got a clue how to translate this). They make small comic books called lantis, printed in A6 format 22 pages, I reworked part of my first monkey story to fit the format. This is the front cover, printed in two colors. And the back, I'll let you know when it goes to print, it's a very limited edition

Moby dick and friends

Wasn't to happy with the scan de saturised a little bit, you can follow the evolution in the previous post. Got tagged by Alina 6 Weird things about me: well weirdish 1. I have had a lot of nicknames in my days, the one I was most proud of was the Idiot. My friends from architect school used to call me that, I think it was a term of endearment. 2. I bake all my bread, love the feel of dough. 3. I got Daltonism, this has always made me insecure when it comes to coloring things. 4. I have a habit of exchanging words, in my head the sentence sound ok, but when it comes out some words are wrong, I don't hear it myself but people corrects me. Initially I started arguing, but now I'm aware of the problem. 5.I like to run, and when I run I like to listen to audio books, now I think about certain part of books when I re-visit the places. In this hill William Tecumseh Shermans children died, here Marius and Sulla first meet, or turnpike did his most evil deed under this viaduct. 6. I once went to a dance class, my feet where not as fluent as my pen though (unfortunately)

Inking a new paper

I've decided to start destroying a perfectly innocent white paper with ink. Managed to continue destroying, and made it to a whaler(?) Some additional ink, added some whales and a harpooner. Sunday morning. more ink Now maybe time for some color, dare I say it

Behind the scenes

This is a sketch describing the setup I had when doing my epic film Made a new flip book, this is my second moleksine sketchbook. This time my hushers(TM) had all gone home so theres more sound mostly from my daughters. I kept Stum though, not to confuse the audience.

Domesticated dragons

Victory The battle won but war on dirt continues Reading the manual prior to starting saves time in the long run The joy of having unwrinkled socks Don't look so grumpy it's your own dirt At long last I'm using water proof ink for my fountain pen works like a charm, the ink is from Noodles.

Meeting sketches

Brought my pocket size sketchbook to a meeting at work today, splashed some color on them when at home. I promised not to make so much death related stuff to my mother, but work does something to me. the Hot Date Business as usual A quiet evening at home

Hamster propelled Inc

There has been a lot of talk about Hamsters and their apparent lack of concern for environment issues. I think this on the whole unfair, sure there is some hamsters that pay no head to it, but most hamsters are really very worried about the future of our planet. In order to show what an important part hamsters can play I show some of the vehicles that are currently in production here at Hamster propelled Inc. The Linneus/Pullman six hamster powered sports car the After Life Dragster the Pontiff roadster deLuxe

Neo Classicus versus Moderno

Have you ever wonder what would happen if architectural styles had the possibility to fight it out, like here Neo Classical against the onslaught of modernism, would put an edge to study Art history. Made a short film of my first moleskine sketchbook (I'm on number 4 now), sorry about the compression.

Super Hero

the Knowing when to shut up man Made for Illustration Friday, you will have to enlarge it to spot him :)

The Dating scene

Love at first sight This years Debutants Is a blog as good as it's latest post?

Dark days for the old regime

When carnivorous cows roam the skies and Dinosaurs rule the streets, dark days, dark days indeed. Self propelled transportation Opening a good bottle of Lilleputt wine King pin Moleskine post, I finished the filmed spread but didn't choose to film the concluding part, you'll have to imagine the process.

Moleskine in motion

Action filming at it's best: And the stunning sequel: Had to sit rather uncomfortable to be able to draw and film at the same time but, no pain no gain!

Dogs in Space

There's such an awful weather outside, soon I have to fight the elements going home from work. Had my mind on running home but the storm might stop me, am I a coward if I choose to go home by tram? This is an old thing from one of my older breed of sketchbooks, I guess it's over ten years old. O to be a dog in space

Fright convention

Some day I hope I will grow up to be a monster like all my friends and earn some real money... Made with brush and ink, sometimes you have to leave the pens alone.

Modern heraldic

Heraldic shopping list Finding new way for use of heraldic art. For a Pig Knight For the hungry go getter

Blogger bliss

Have a nice weekend all

Bird spotting

Trying to get the hang on the new Pen, different aspects of bird watching, (what a lame excuse of finding a theme) I shall try not to post anything this weekend, must learn to relax a little with this blogging thing. Hope you all have a nice weekend...

The capturing of the melancholy moose

Today sketching was hard, I felt so tired the weather was awful biking home, I had to take of my glasses half- way home in order to see anything. Not to comfortable with the new pen yet, it do not got the easy flow as my other pen (is this really of interest to the public?). Anyway I managed to finish the moleskine page I started yesterday. You got to say yes to another moose. See if I can't conjure up a Coco and Coca story soon, keep dry

New Pen

Bought a new Fountain pen, the nib is Fine so It will probably take some time to get used to. The thought of using an additional pen is to use permanent Ink in it so coloring will be easier. This is made with my old pen, making it possible to wash. And this is made with the new, Namiki Falcon is the name of the pen. Don't know if I will use as much in my sketchbooks though it's fine nib makes filling the paper slower. Speed is everything

the Buzz

Made for Illustration Friday, I think I might have misunderstood the sex lives of the bees.

Putting the kings to god use

Hope you all had nice weekends, I did but it ended to quick, time sure flies. Have you wondered with all the unemployed kings? Here in Europe we are cluttered bye them, it's a growing problem. I think that they can play a vital role in our modern world and at the same time striking a blow for a better environment.

A night at the Opera

This Friday we went with some friends to a ball at the Opera, this i something new to me, but we had a real good time. I had some problems with the waltz though :). This is some of the characters we saw there, from memory (remember I have not got the "derring do" for public sketching yet)