Trying to fill a full size Saunders and Waterford paper with random tools

The red leaf

Finished the tree drawing I started in the last time lapse post.

Time lapse tree

A rather awkward postion to be drawing in but I managed to do it anyway. I hope to find a setup that will make it possible to draw in my usual way and still get a good video

Dungeons and dragons

From the leipzig staatsoper's production of Dungeons and dragons

How I get my ink

From the InkVan
In the seedy part of town
or use the generic ink right from the tap

Lines show

I have a show at Sigtuna stiftelsen, it starts this Saturday and ends the 4 of November. If you happen to be in Sweden please pop in.

Analog motherboard

Each time I'm finish a piece like this I think: well that's something I will not be drawing again.

Unfiltered reviews

Two reviews of Mattias unfiltered: nne over at my friend at Parkablog, and this one a staff pick over at Heroes.

Fear of an octopus planet

This is my 2000th post almost missed it, I used to notice this kind of things before.

Shipping news

For the first time in North America, brilliant Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson’s incredibly lush sketchbook illustrations are collected in a facsimile Moleskine edition. Adolfsson, in between assignments for the New York Times, videogame design, children’s books and other major publications, spends his time filling untold Moleskines with intricate and beautifully detailed drawings of whatever strikes his fancy. From hot-rod spaceships to rocket-fueled fountain pens, from baroque robots to Richard-Scary-gone-berserk cityscapes, Adolfsson uses his imagination to create everything mad scientists world-over haven’t even begun to dream up. can be bought from amazon