Wellington hübris

For all my adult life I've (as many other city dwellers) not dressed according to climate. Gothenburg is notorious for it's rainy weather, but still people chose shoes as livening in Tuscany. This has made it hard to move with dignity, to be frank, my prancing between puddles wouldn't have brought me a starring lead in "the dirty dozen" And the end result was alway pure Bergman Angst as your feet always ended up wet. Swallowing my pride I bought me a pair of rubber boots, (and a raincoat and rain pants) It's hard to describe the hesitation I felt initially, the urge to prance almost took me over. But a new feeling took over when my brain noticed that I still was dry, even after I'd enter a mighty puddle. First the feeling was relief... To gradually turn into something different, the feeling of pure power.. And that's why you better stay clear of Gothenburg when it's raining..

Moleskine dumps

Back to the drawing board after the weekend excesses, here's some dumps form the third moleskine, there is some reposts here as I'm posting spreads. Sport utility Vehicle Veterans from the great war Paranoid Android Non stereotypical Vikings Mr Walker

Blurry photos

Back from the shop, unfortunately I didn't get any good pics of the show had to concentrate on other things, the shop was full of kid's. Most was there for the story time, but I met some nice people among them where an internet friend, MyraPyra and her man (not sure of their legal status). And as for sales? well I won't be quitting my day time job soon ;o), maybe the market is feed up with my work since the last show, well the stuff will be in the shop for three more weeks. The shop is a little oasis for parents and kid's. Thanks Frida and Mia. A blurry Artist Frida, one of the shop owners Viggo, Stella Rosa and Fredrik My brother in law and his two kids, Stella and Viggo, (twins). have I mentioned that I'm a twin to?, the girl in the pointed hat with the red hair is one of my daughters Rosa. Stella and Viggo And mysterius woman, Viggo looks thought full Olivia My other daughter, in real life she's not that blurry Next time I'll fix someone who takes photos, somone with a steady hand ;)

Show tomorrow

I'm having an exhibition tomorrow, if you are in Gothenburg please come by, Bokskåpet, Värmlandsgatan 20, (Masthuggstorgets tram station) This time I've put everything in frames, but my wife´s birds have to stay at home this time. And no, the flowers in the background is not by me. I'll post some pictures from the show, eventually.

You are a monster

Still doing stuff for the little show, not sure this batch will make it though Free passengers Proud parents The monster choir

The dragons of autumn

I'm having an small exhibition this Saturday, at a friends book store (they sell mostly books for kids). At first I thought I'd show mostly old things, but as it Halloween is coming up I thought I'd do something special. So I created a series of dragons, hopefully I'll have more time this week to do some monsters. Aviation Dragon (is one with the sky) Salomon tailed Dragon (likes to tuck in early with a good book) Telly Dragon (is one with the TV) Curly Coated Dragon (is sensitive and insecure) Geriatric Dragon (is hard of hearing) Bird watcher Dragon (likes to watch) beatniks Dragon (is one with the typewriter) Opera Dragon (Don't use firefox)

Confession of a googleholic

I tremble with excitement when a new thingy comes from google, I even use the spreadsheet reader, (how sexy is a spreadsheet). The picture might have nothing at all to do with google, but how can you not like a company that has the motto "don't be evil", well I figure that someday they will be, evil that is (or are they already?).

Conceptual Art

Sometimes when I browse the internet and look at game concept art, I marvel if what the world need most is another mutant monster. Any way thought it was my time to give conceptual work a bang. Warning this piece can be thought mildly offensive and incorporates some experimental nudity.

My past in three dimensions

I've been a bit shy of showing my 3d work, (3d don't age to well), and I'm not to interested in doing more free stuff in 3d, used to be my only medium The great Moominparty. Being a great fan of Tove Janson, I had quite some problems with making a 3d game of the moomins, but the end result was ok Kosmopolska or spacepolska was my graduation work while taking my masters of fine arts, then turned in to a game. The story revolves around 3 polish cosmonaut and their travel to Mars, you might see some pet themes the pope, buildings and animals even here. Victorian Justice device, 1999 This is part of a personal project I did 1999, the concept revolves a one robot justice device, ala robocop, but set in Victorian times. It has exchangeable heads police, judge and executioner, can't seem to find any animation files at the moment, you'll have to do with stills. The little voice, 2000 This was a video where I made the 3d modeling for, Sahlene, the little voice from 2000. Me and my business partner Fredrik Swerin made quite a few music videos, fun work, but the pay was always bad.

Afraid of Ghosts?

Made for Illustration friday, tomorrow I'll post something from my murky past, stay tune, if you're into murkiness.

Detail, schmetail

Today some details of the new Illustration, check the last post for a full view. In this segment you can see the telephone of the future, environment friendly), and at the bottom the great Magnifico magician supreme. Self portrait with transportation of the future A pig and it's Pope, (innercity pig farming takes it's toll you know) Dog of the future (don't worry dogs will be dogs) femininity in the future And Dinosaurs of the future (Haven't you seen Jurassic park, it could happen) Birds of the future (how will they feel when they lose their monopoly of flight) Die Gulaschbaron of die zukunft, (my German is not that great and I don't know the English translation to this) Washing in the future, (it's all done with electricity you know) You can find that I repeat myself check this oldies. The sun on the building. (it's so yesterday) Innercity Dinosaurs, (a treat to society?) And flavors of the 5th element.