Motley crew

Not so motley perhaps but it sounds funnier then uniform crew

the Fountain pens strikes back

As a reaction to the last post the awesome powers of the Fountain pens strike back with a vengeance, Multi function fountain pens : the Food chain Unique in its tail design and sharp nib, works equally good while drawing as at the put throwing Darts. Revenge of the Sea One more in our line of multi function pens, this one is an excellent mixer as well as a drawing tool. Be careful not to mix them though.

Pencil enhancer

Tired of being looked down upon by all fountain pen users? No more with our new Pencil enhancer, transforms your pencil to a pen of envy in just seconds..


The watercolor sketchbook is not one of the newly scanned moleskines, I'm not finished with it yet and it's format makes scanning a rather grueling task.

Digitally remastered

I've rescanned my moleskine sketchbooks (well number 3-8) you can flip through them at to turn page click the right side of the page (flip back click on the left side). Happy flipping!

Paradigm shift

As a special Bonus you can almost make out what kind of paper I'm using

Some practical things

A defatron An Antismoker A Velaborontron A Fishextractor A standardized dust remover A Saxophone A Solarium with an Ozonisator Or the full assortment We managed to come back without any serious accidents from our ski trip, wonderful weather and lot's of snow

Stay cool is still the main rule

I'm taking a week of, going skiing. I can't promise to be the most skillful skier out there, but when it comes to style, I'm hard to beat. I'll be back around the 17 of February, I hope to see you then.

An Ode to Carro

Today is my mothers birthday, happy birthday mother! And just as a clarification: No squirrels came to harm while drawing this post, as of all drawings this far on this blog, how many of you bloggers out there can state the same?

Coco and Coca: the pups goes astray, part 2

Knowing the dangers of the Docks.. We went home and changed clothes, the lion was not to happy with my choice of costume for her.. Me and Coco had no luck finding any information.. nor the Lion, well not of the right sort But Coca had! Apparently there had been quit a row at the bloody cauldron, the most notorious pub on the waterfront Inside fear ruled, it was dead silent All were in hiding the bartender pointed at the heart of dread Cocina and Martillo had finally been found! Pure happiness We felt great joy while heading home, leaving behind a lot of relived pirates (and a couple of broken hearts) And now after installing a state of the art security system, the twins will stay put I have (in order to humor the lion) to use the mermaid suit while moving the grass If you happen to visit Sigtuna, and dare enter the docks, you might hear the story told in a alternate version, but remember where you heard it first!

Coco and Coca: the pups goes astray

Cocina and Martillo, Coca and Cocos pups has grown since last we saw them They have grown teeth They have learned how to use scissors Martillo and Cocina has learned how to walk They have learned how to climb and they have developed an interest in fast motorcycles They have learned to play with our Chippendale heard As every nigh Coco or Coca reads for the pups But one morning Cocina and Martillo where gone We searched everywhere Soon we found out that they had escaped into Sigtuna proper, a town full of danger We asked the Police We asked at the sports center We searched the petting zoo we searched by the Triumph arch we asked at the circus and we looked around the temple of Electricity But they where nowhere to be found, just one place was left to search.. A place where even the SPD (Sigtuna Police Department, known for their toughness) dare not enter the Sigtuna waterfront... what has happened to the pups? to be continued...