tree house project, continues

Some more stuff, managed to touch the ink a little before it had dried, it's bound to happen in drawings this large. the image continues to large to fit comfortable into the scanner, still doubting that I will have time to finish it though. On Monday I'm leaving for Malmö.

Olivias 12th birtday

Our children's birthdays seems to come more often as the years passes by, it feels like it was yesterday that she was 11. Olivia is heavily into reading Fantasy at the moment, her favourite is the Eragon series (she's getting the last in the trilogy today). Hope she will like it.

tree house project

Scanned it this time, the ink is not dry yet though a small update, I've been on my feet all day, visiting Stockholm. Started a new image meant for a competition, but I doubt I will finish it on time the deadline is the 5th of December and I'm off to Malmö this monday. Well I'm pretty sure that It's not right for the competition so I'll have a new image instead. To be continued

The postman always rings twice

For most of the time the postman delivers lack lustre deliveries to our mailbox but not so today. I got a parcel from Danny Gregory with his new book I play only a small part in it, but I'm happy to be amongst all the great artists in it (or rather I was quite humbled). As stated in a previous post it can be ordered from Amazon.

When the master speaks

Based on the relation I have with our dog, she seldom listens as attentive though. And hey big celebrations I just reached one hundred followers, I wonder when I can call it an Army?

Thorn Birds

This is a returning theme in my sketchbooks, birds in trees that is. I always find myself thinking why did I begin with this, I just love birds maybe. last of the pens tomorrow

Holy diver

More swimming dragons

Tattooed Robot

Spent all yesterday at a seminar at Svenska Tecknare, (Swedish Illustrators association). Made this while listening to a panel discussion on how to make it abroad, but I had to stop after on hour, my arms ached (I had a rather specular fall while out running the other day, it has snowed and the track was all icy).

Time to pull the plug?

According to this article in Wired blogging is a thing of the past, this might be true but I'll keep on posting like a Dinosaur ignoring warnings regarding impending meteor strikes.

Staring match

One week of Unix. On the whole it works surprisingly good, I've changed the visuals so it looks completely like a mac (I've got a bad cas of mac-envy). My computer now starts under three minutes, prior to the switch it took over 15 minutes (If I had re-installed windows I guess it would have gone faster to). One problem arose today, Gimp (the free photo manipulator stopped working after a update of the system) has stopped working. I hope to a get it working later today really need it today, that is one of the drawbacks (some would probably say advantages of unix) is that you have to be prepared to search solutions on the web.

The non shaver

Shaving is important if you like to break a world record, and who doesn't?

the novelty egg

There's a short interview on me over at the DesignTavern, guten apetit. Soon I have to take a new phot of me, that one is getting stale. I have problems with getting the text to stay in a decent place on my blog these days I shouldn't have changed the format (I such at HTML stuff, and I'm not to eager to learn). Update: eager or not I learned it I just have to paste in a "display:block;" in the code, you learn a new thing each day!

An Illustrated life

Danny Gregory has just released a new book on sketchbooks and sketch-booking, I'm in it! (you can see some of my pages in the film, see if you can spot them). I haven't gotten my copy yet but I'm eagerly awaiting it. It can be ordered here: Amazon

Canary Town

I started this while going down to Gothenburg, didn't manage to finish it on the train though. I used to do a lot of train sketching while I worked in Stockholm and libed in Gothenburg but found it extremely taxing now, I must be out of shape. I've started a course in Comic creation at HDK ( Seriekonst & avancerat bildberättande). I hope to get a kick start making some real comics, the progress will of course be shown on the blog.

A change of suit

My computer has some years on it's back and over time it has been getting slower and slower making working on it harder and harder. As I can't buy a new computer at the moment (a fiscal matter) I decided to scrap everything on it and install Unix (Ubuntu) time will tell if I made a big mistake, first impression is a big speed improvement.

Really small rockets

and driven by rather cute animal.
going boldly where now mammal has gone before.
But this one seeming to be leaving...
Boldly running away when danger is close

the slide guitar

I'm in Gothenburg today going back to my old school (for a short while, more on that later)

the Moosatron, secret agent

In constant battle against evil or semi-evil around the automated world.
With the help of state of the art of automated devices
always supported by his secretary the beautiful miss Moosepenny the Thug-a-Tron, one of Dr Carnivours evil helpers Once again the moosatron saves the world from destruction

Birthday suit

Not designed for our weather though, today it's below zero (centigrades).