Really small rockets

and driven by rather cute animal.
going boldly where now mammal has gone before.
But this one seeming to be leaving...
Boldly running away when danger is close


  1. Anonymous10:41 PM

    today is my birthday. thanks for posting those beautiful draws :)

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM

    Yes, thankyou so much - now I am going to be humming Monty Python songs all day (*bold, bold sir Robin...*).

    I like the angle of the departing craft best, but I do like all your spacecraft. They look so plausible there on paper, as if someone (small, mammal) actually built them and, rattling and smoking, against all odss they are actually functioning.

  3. Hey! Hey !
    Live to fight another day!
    Called the self-survival way!

  4. Oh my. I so want to see you do a sci-fi book.
    Such eleborate designs with such super cute critters yet really simple characters driving them. Its great. They are so simple its like they are part of the machine.
    Love it. =)