I live a fairy tale life

Beauty and the beast
the ugly duckling
the little mermaid
Goldilocks and the three bears

Variation on a theme

A short break in all the geeky dragons with an reoccurring theme: birds in a tree. Nice to have something to do when watching the tube.

Off track

One of the sketches I did for a proposed commission job for an American ad agency, unfortunately (for me) I didn't get the contract. Better luck next time

A day in the life of Oliver Cromwell lord Protector

Early wake up call
Driving to ye olde shopping mart
Losing himself for the moment amongst the cabbage
Akward moment, meeting Charles I in the snack department
Getting a real telling of by Mrs Cromwell for putting the eggs at the bottom om the shopping bag

Bad dog

Just something our dog would do, if she was given the opportunity to fly.

What propels you

Combustion engine
Electric motor
Mechanical motor
Biological motor
Rocket engine

There's a short interview over at david-wasting-paper.blogspot part of his ongoing Cartoonist/Artist Survey.

the Hms Hornblower

I received the 10000th comment on this blog yesterday, thanks all for the support.

Going hiking

I always remember to bring at least one steam engine when venturing out in the forest.

Yakking, downtown Frisco

First spread in new sketchbook not a new motive perhaps but it is my first Yak.

Traveling in style

I have had a hard time writing any text in my posts recently, hopefully I will have more inspiration come next week.