I never leave home without my sundial


  1. funny, neither do I

  2. Cool, I love the expression on the pocket watch!

  3. David2:16 PM

    Very much enjoy your work. I have also watched some of your utube videos, but wonder, when you have a moment, if you could tell us a little bit more about your process - do you have a complete picture of the image in your mind before you start a drawing, or do you create as you go? It appears that you go right to ink on paper without any pencil work (very brave!) - is that so? I would guess you do some type of research before hand, esp. for the architectural work?

  4. Congratulation on the 10000th comment on this blog. Thanks all for commenting on my work.

    I have posted some progress images on my blog, sometime I have a picture in my head in other cases it evolves. I have started using pencil to some extent, just to mark out the shape of the drawing to be. When I do commission work I have to do pencil first in order to get an Ok on a sketch