Self glorifying portrait with yellow west

I think I'll take a short break over the weekend with this one

I'm not popular enough to be different

I've bought two new sketchbook, (moleskine my first ones), I felt like doing some dinosaurs first.

Business to business, job to job

This is the start of something that might become something more, if so I'll post the rest later. Otherwise hectic day became a dog owner today.

One Interview

Some information about me can be found in this interview at this site readersvoice The drawing has no relation to the interview, just felt like drawing some robots this morning

Animagus Festival

Animagus Festival I made this when to my oldest daughter when we read Harry Potter, it's in Swedish but I think you'll understand most of it, that is if you read any of the books.

One month of Blogging

One month of Blogging Been on the internet for one month today, sometime I think I might be updating the blog to often, but for the moment I'm to glad to be drawing again. So until the vacation starts, I will continue to update regular.


Domkyrkan Domkyrkan, is one of the churches I pass when riding my bike to work. All in all I pass 4 churches on my way, I'll see if I can draw all of them and maybe some other interesting things on my way: Small update I washed it

Athletic Fables

Athletic Fables Watched some soccer last night, I'm not sure of how a baboon look really but didn't want to spoil it by looking it up, will check now

Random Skullz

Random Skullz This is the kind of thing that happens when you lack inspiration

The Ink dot

Couldn't stand doing it digital did it analog Sat down after dinner yesterday and started a new drawing, not finished yet, got me a bad case of horror vacui will update, and maybe try some digital coloring.

That old sketchy feeling

Crunching at work, just dumping some old sketches to not lose the momentum

Scraping some fish

Found some old scrape board, this is a wrok in progress, it was fun to try a different media for a change from all the ink.

The snail nearly made it

Finally got the hang of creating a banner, thank's to Elisabeth and Jennifer B The snail was my first try, but I just couldn't identify myself with a snail.

Some thank's a hat and some bikers

I just wanted to thanks for all the nice feedback I've got after the posts at drawn, Growbrain, Danny Gregor, Kasa, smidigt amongst many more, and a special thank to Camilla who I studied art with, here blog is so persona. I'll post some random stuff, first a improved hat for Architects, (I have studied Architecture for two years, and have the s great respect for them), it's a shame you can't spot them though in a crowd. Of course the budgie is the bird of choice for architects And this an real oldie, for the biker without driving license


The Expert The Intellectual The Offbeat The Go-Getter Thought it was high time for some pigs, wonder why it took so long

Old church bell tower

Went for a stroll in Sigtuna and made this sketch of a bell tower, beautifully placed in the center of Sigtuna

New City

Visiting my mother who live in Sigtuna (, found some time to do a small new city drawing, I hope to get the time to go out and make some drawing of the scenery here. The town one of the oldest, if not oldest, city's in Sweden, is very beautiful.

Last of the stock

Just sold the last of my linoleum prints, didn't save one for myself (beggars can't be choosy) made it while getting my Masters of Fine Arts

The pump

One more from stora Korno, burned my head from the sun, while doing this one