Old church bell tower

Went for a stroll in Sigtuna and made this sketch of a bell tower, beautifully placed in the center of Sigtuna


  1. Incredibly lively drawings! Great stuf here.
    And yes, thanks for commenting my stuff. :-) Of course!
    And thanks for visiting. Otherwise I wouldn't know about your great works!

  2. Hejsan, såg att du kommenterat i imin blogg. Skriver svaret även här.

    "du menar själva plattan? Har en av dem med mig här hemma." Lägger in den.


  3. Your linework is very pleasing to the eye!
    Was that a functional bell tower? Looks like a huge wooden structure.

  4. Your stuff is just spectacular. When doing something like the bell tower, how do you approach it? Do you lay down the lines for the overall structure before laying in detail or do you just do a rough outline and then start with the details?

  5. Your works remind me of some early Crumb stuff, from when he used very thin lines and did a lot of observation drawings. I'll come back to this blog often!

  6. Man, what a great works!!! its true, remains me Crumb also.
    Really like your stuff.
    Sorry about my english.

  7. Keith
    When I do my freer stuff I usually draw right away without sketching, but as here I draw the rudamentry lines, just to be sure that the composition will be OK.
    Gabriel and Diego, yes I like the early Crumb stuff alot, thanks

  8. wonderful stuff. i am trying to learn how to draw buildings from life with some panache and gusto and yours are certainly inspiring.keep up the amazing work.