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The essence of style is self confidence, without it everything you put on will look bad, with everything looks marvelous. This is how I dress when I want to relax, comfortable but yet ready for clubbing should I get a late invitation for any jet-set occasions.

An unsuiteble format for blogging

But it looks rather cool on paper, can't seem to stop drawing digging machines...

Sketchblog school

As the market is complete flux and the future for stockbrokers world wide seems bleak, I've decided to start my own Sketchblog school for all disillusioned brokers around the world. The stockbrokers get the ABC of successful blogging without selling anything If you are, or think you are, a stockbroker register today and give the economy a chance to recover

Greek cats

Just a small doodle from my trip to Greece, Swedish cats look like Arnold Schwarzenegger's in comparison.

The stray Scud (color)

My first thought was to call this drawing  "just married" but changed the name after I put a missile behind the tank truck, maybe I should have kept the original title, make love not war.

the stray Scud

This is an elaboration of a thing I did in a sketchbook. Color to follow later this week

a fotball playing robot

Or soccer if your on the less fashionable side of the Atlantic.

Animals at work

It's hammer time Destroyer of roads the Handyman Drilling is a great way of spending time Better keep the tail high the blind watchmaker

Can you dig it?

For all your digging needs and the black and white version here:

Tall bot

I have a little problem with my back and have to give drawing a rest for a while, luckily I have some surplus drawings waiting, I feel as stiff as this robot

Male beauty an assortment

In cases of economic upheaval a little dose of male beauty is always the best remedy

tree animal

More animal in trees made prior to my Greece trip Thanks all who has bought original drawings thanks to a link on Gizmodo on Friday sales where marvelous still posting new drawings. These are the receipts I send with the drawings, bad image taken with my mobile phone.

Etsy Shop

I've decided to start selling original drawings via Etsy, please come in and look at the goods for a while, I'm planning to sell almost all of my originals so if you have some favorite not in the shop yet please contact me. Mattias Original Shop


Something I failed doing while traveling earlier this fall was drawing something while waiting at the airport, this of course is an idealized version. And hey I'm getting sloppy yesterday was post number 800, but maybe I should wait until I reach post 1000 until I celebrate next time...

Commercial Liner

This makes this series complete a tad sprawling perhaps, this last one is more of an airplane.

the Gorgon

Just one left, (for this time anyway) getting weary of drawing windows.

the Cord, in color

Second in a series of five vehicles, we'll see when the next one will be ready

the Cord

I'm doing a series of these house/vehicles/cities (not sure exactly how to label them). This is pretty like the Baroque Death star I made last year, but this one is a tad smaller. I had to use pencil for this one, almost impossible I find making spheres without some guide lines, color to follow.


It's the only kind of furniture you'll need.