Introducing multimedia at the Imperial war museum

Happy new year and thanks for all the support I have got this year, see you back in 2011...

kept on a short leash

Happy everything and a good new something from all of us in snowy Sweden....

How to enrich your life through literature and movies part II

the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Remembrance of Things Past

Guys and dolls
the 7th seal
Part one in this series is to be found here: How to ...

Random robots

Part of some forgotten sketchbook pages, time before christmas tend to be rather hectic

Extending the woodwind family

I'm currently re listening to the course on how to listen to music (Open Yale courses). I can't say I manage to follow along completely but maybe I will learn something and the Corelli variations in lesson 10 are so wonderful.

On their way to the dance

Made for Dance Gavin Dance upcoming record Downtown Battle Mountain Pt. II, to be released in April

the Nobel price

It's time again for the nobel price ceremony, and if you do not have a new revolutionizing theory on branes, a elixir for eternal youth cooking in the kitchen or the big Uzbeki novel in your typewriter the chances of you going to Stockholm and participating in the event are rather slim. To make amends here's a short resume of what awaits the nobel laureates.
Arrival at the airport be prepared for some screaming fans swedes love science.

The laureates stay at Sweden's top hotel (the worlds only skyscraper completely built out of wood) in the heart of gamla stan (the old city).
Nobel laureates sometimes get lost that's why each laureate get one nobel shepherd and one nobel  shepherds dog assigned when checking in at the hotel.
the laureates gets a sightseeing in Stockholm.
At the same time the food is being prepared in the Nobel kitchen, in this kitchen everything get's cooked by the help of dynamite.
At the actual award ceremony the medal is given to the laureate by the royal robot (there has been some concerns about the Swedish kings moral, rest assure the robots pedigree is spotless)
the Dinner after the ceremony is a great opportunity for the laureates to mix with the cream of Sweden's top celebrities. To keep the dinner short and sweet all candles are dynamite sticks with a slow fuse, Swedish people loves punctuality.
As a goodbye gift each laureates is given his or hers weight in dynamite
this might be a reason why it's so hard to get a flight from Sweden.

Most laureates instead stays in Sweden and are signed in to Sweden's ambitious breeding program, a program that aim to make Sweden self sufficient in Nobel laureates by 2050.

Show off your consumer skills

Do not let your collections gather dust at home, with our new line of clothing you can show of your superior consumer skills and still stay in style..
Bag bonanza, with attachable hooks making it possible to expand your collection as you buy more bags.

Caterpillar extension, great for showing of wide variety of footwear

Pen-o-man, timeless russian design great for showing your pen collection.

It's a question of time, show all your watches at the same time..

14th card

It was my oldest daughters birthday yesterday. I started with the card a little late and I didn't have time to let the ink to dry.

Enriching your life with the help of the Circus

Showing my terrier the tricks of Houdini
Taking my dog for a walk
the Lion does not give much for the Circus


If you are planning to start a civilisation it might be a good idea to know how some of our most common barbarians look.

Getting a perspective on things

Watching the turmoil from the comfort of your living room window...Just added some color to the last spread posted