Kjell Aukrust Norwegian Artist/author (the man behind the film Flåklypa Grand Prix) was one of my favorite Illustrators when I was a child, especially FLÅKLYPA TIDENDE a spoof news paper about every day life in a little Norwegian town. Made for Illustration Friday


He didn't make it on a t'shirt but he wound up on the Cover. I hope to contribute to the next number in this Swedish magazine called HJÄLP (help)

Athletic stance

A spread from the sketchbook, work seem to get more hectic but as I usually draws in front of the Television I think I will continue filling the books anyway.

Moleskine project

Moleskineproject is a site where you can show parts of your sketchbooks to a wider audience I was asked to do a guest header for the project and I did it, as I found suitable for the site, in my sketchbook. this piece was even featured in the largest Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz I've got the flue so most of my drawings are on hold this week, hope to get better soon

Family tree part 2

We're having a short easter brake, but I managed to do some additional inking on the tree..

Spring Fashion

Spring is in the air, well in spirit anyway and it's igh time to start planning your wardrobe for the season (one of the most important of the year) For the Gala opening For a rainy day For stick walking For the Dog For Clubhopping For use on public transportation

the sky was pink

I post the colorized version this night instead as I blog in advance all the time.

All bolted up

Been using the possibility to post in advance to that extent that I missed the real 600th post this as it happens is post number 605, big deal. I have already colored this piece but I'll post that on Friday. Used Elephants to avoid drawing the whole house again, sorry for that..

the Dark ages in a new light

Looking for a new suit Sport utility vehicle medieval style Keep your friends near but keep your enemy closer Mirror mirror on the wall This was my 600th Post!

The lion strikes back

The Lion has put up a new portfolio site at: www.cecilialevy.com and a blog at: cecilialevy.blogspot.com We're on a non speaking terms since me (almost) making a clean sweep at the Pablo awards..

In search for the perfect paper

Went shopping last week in search for the perfect paper, I did not find it unfortunately. I bought two kinds with one I got awful bleeds, this sort was better but it's not perfect. I wonder if there is something like the perfect paper, ... the Zapper Parental guiding You just can't go wrong with a pair of white shoes


Just wanted to inform about the new possibility to chat with me via the blog, can't promise I will answer directly though.

Skinny legs

Today I strike out for skinny legs! or the whole set Have a really skinny weekend everybody, hey it's almost time for the 600th Post.

Knights of the round table

Today on celebrity cooking the knights of the round table shows us some of their cooking secrets Always check each strand of spaghetti prior to cooking them a slow even rotation is of the utmost importance when making oatmeal You Cannot make an omelet without cracking some eggs Be accurate when measuring!

Three little pigs

I'm nominated in the Swedish Illustration competition KOLLA! (it's almost on par with the Pablo awards) unfortunately they misspelled my blog address. If you forgot how the Illustration looked take a peek here: the Future