Tintin and snowy
Prince Valiant
the Hulk
the Invisible man


Based on my experience with my dog while walking in the forest.

Just sitting

and not not producing much more then some carbon dioxide, hope to improve by tomorrow.

I choose my own battlefields

Three and a half years ago I left the game industry. News of the game I was to be involved in is just now beginning to emerge. I sometime wonder if I had stayed with the project if it would be visible in the final game, my gut instinct tells me no. 

Twelve reasons why you should stay indoors

Here's some reasons why you probably should stay indoors tonight, you never know how you might bump into.

You better clean up your act

A cleaned up version of the last moleskine spread. Inspired by the Chinese Blue and white wares, I always buy one cake of cobalt blue when I buy material. I currently sport three cakes of cobalt blue in my watercolor box.


Art Blocks for Ghana Auction is live Online! Start your bidding! March 12th-20th, my contribution can be bought here: Tree on tree

This sporting life

Some random dips into the world of sports


Montly planner 2012

Just got some copies of "Mattias Adolfsson monthly planner 2012", it can be ordered from Amazon. I also got a supply of notebooks (almost a hundred) it will hopefully keep me in paper the year out.
This is the image that moleskine used as the cover (I did some changes in order to make it child safe)
The same spread can be seen in issue 67 of ImagineFX


Using the sketchbook th other way round for a difference