Preparing for the big race

I'm taking a short break from blogging, expect to start posting in about a week. I need to focus on other things for a while...

Small town heroes

This sums up my feeling today, more commuter train doodling

the H-man to the rescue

Have been Putting together some kind of sale material, in order to get more commission work all week. The question is, is my style pathologically non commercial? Time will tell, I'm doing a sale drive in Sweden soon, the problem is I have to much material just browsing on my computer takes forever (and selecting amongst them is pure hell)

Toy Parade

Some additional drawings for the book we're working on at the moment

the strange archipelago

I've missed celebrating my third year blogging (it got lost in the big 1000th post festivities), this I made going down to Gothenburg last weekend, you never know when the train makes an extra jolt.

the Porcelain Army

One reason that war is so common in our world is that the equipment is so sturdy, an ordinary Tank can withhold almost anything before it breaks. In order to bring more peace to our world I have (together with some of Europe's largest porcelain manufacturers) designed a completely new line of war materials, completely made out of porcelain. The thought behind is if the generals know that their tanks will break if used they will hesitate before going to war, and when it comes to parading porcelain is far superior to steel: The Meissen x120 fighter jet Bing & Grøndahl Infantry man Villeroy & Boch middle weight armored Tank Royal Worcester self propelled field gun

57 Birds and one owl

Made while waiting for my family in Gothenburg. First leg at the Domkyrka while waiting for my wife, the second leg at the Central Station. Finished it off this morning while eating breakfast and colored it before lunch.

Gnus with attitudes

The Family has just returned from Gothenburg, (we were visiting friends and did some running) I ran ten minutes slower then last year, so I'm not to pleased, my wife is very happy though it was her first race.

the top to bottom approach

I'm in a bit of a post project vacuum, so I did this drawing yesterday. I started at the top (minus the animals) and worked my way downwards. As I worked my way down, enjoying the ride but when I got closer to the ground I got in problems. How to finish it? Shall I turn the building to some kind of vehicle? (No I did that the last time) Shall I put the building in water? (not enough paper left). Well I have to return to the critter trick, put some fairly exotic animals with large bulk in front of it. Mission accomplished, color (or maybe coffee) to come..

My wife the exhibitionist

My wife and her studio mates are having an exhibition at Sigtuna Kulturgård, if you are in the vicinity please come by, the reception starts at twelve tomorrow.

Books, icescreams and glue

More Illustrations for the Book "Till mitt barnbarn" to be published by Bonnier Carlsen and as stated before designed by my Sister Ellen, more images here.

it takes a nation of philosophes to hold us back

the secret of making porcelain was for a long time a Chinese secret, it took an enlightenment and a German mathematician with a fancy name, Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus (the name must be a nightmare at a cocktail party) to crack the secret.

the Total Perspective Vortex

Been filling out a grant form the last couple of days, I feel drained...Sorry about the skeletons mother

Cecilias Birthday

Today is my wife's Birthday, I've been so preoccupied that I haven't had time buying a real gift (hopefully I can mend it during the day), I manage to do a card for a would be present though...


Behavioral therapyHope you all had nice weekends....

Not safe for work?

Just three more arks of paper to color until everything is finished

An unsuitable format for blogging

More from the book project, the line of characters are dancing across 2 spreads, I think it will look great in the book (how it looks on the web is another question, you will have to click on the images in order to see it larger). In order to see it larger yet, you can check here for the first and here for the second one.

Compact living

Still working on the commission book, as last year it will be designed by my twin sister! She'll have a hard time putting all the little pieces together to a coherent form (but I'm confident that she will succeed. I will have to do some serious coloring and scanning this weekend in order to make the deadline.