He who who wear the wellingtons controls the oversea trade

but I guess that this is no news to you....


  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I can't begin to imagine what the fire brigade looks like. I'm sure its wonderfully bizarre.
    Your style is refreshingly unusual and imaginative. As a start I would love to see books and magazines published here in the UK illustrated by you. Kids will love it.
    But, like Scarfe, I can see your style used for film characters, set design, TV opening sequences and not least illustrating syndicated gags or strips.
    If your style is pathalogical it's of a highly contagious nature. Like laughter.

  2. That was our first lesson in school

  3. You mean gummies?

  4. Another awesome picture, dude

  5. I absolutely love your architectural details. This is marvelous!